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Personal Update - Apr/May/Jun
  • We have started a new local Ephesians Bible study on Sunday evenings.
  • Our iOS device, podcast app should be done soon. Android app is here!
  • My late SRN newsletters will be out shortly. Excess admin/tech support has greatly hindered me.
Thank you to those of you who have taken time to read my/our personal updates.  This year I am doing quarterly personal updates instead of monthly, like last year.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar (2014) and Apr/May/Jun (2014)
  • Our financial donors residing in the USA will all be receiving hard-copies of my latest newsletter. It was sent out to ensure that our donors understand the progress we are making with SRN.
Can you help us?
We want to integrate Issuu into our new site and reach the next generation!!!
  • We want to implement a PDF Reader called Issuu - which is OPTIMIZED FOR ALL DEVICES!!!
  • We need a new and recurring donation of $30.00/month to help with this. You may help by clicking here!
  • This would be available through our new SRN site and it is currently on hold here
  • Issuu is also 15 million publication reader community - perfect for online apologetics and evangelism!
New donor option! Thank you for considering and support the work we re engaged in for the Lord!

Chris Lawson


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