New Video: Potentially Harmful & Dangerous Spiritual Practices
A simple encouragement to stay away from mystical/occult oriented practices!

Dear Friends,

Before looking at my new video, please consider this short prayer and support request (make a donation) - for the work we are doing. Your prayers and support can help us get the truth out to more pastors and church leaders? We are overwhelmed with the amount of practical work that is before us, and we need the concerted prayers and financial support of like-minded believers.
  • Do we need ministry tools? - I have been in need of a new laptop computer for several years now, and an office space that is not in our living room and our unfinished garage. The garage is either way too cold - or it is roasting hot in the summer. I am very committed to the work that I do, however I am greatly restricted due to lack of proper office space. I also struggle with one old laptop; the other one melted it got so hot. Our SRN desktop computer works well, but I cannot travel with it. So, the time has come to try to move to a new private location for research, writing, correspondence and filming; and also to get a laptop that is not on the edge of melting. The cost obviously will be several thousand dollars, and we can barely stay afloat as is. We are praying and trusting the Lord in this.
  • How are we supported? - If you are wondering how my family and I are supported each month, I work two jobs aside from our SRN ministry, and then try to research, write, and help people - and keep up on correspondence as much as I can. I oftentimes - sadly - fall short. My wife works more than full-time also, and we have some monthly donor support, and that's it. More monthly donor support would help us tremendously.
If you can help support us as we serve the Lord it would be would greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who are able to help. One more thing here - Satan uses the latest technology, the best equipment, and massive amounts of funding to produce the largest and most dangerous cults and false religions in the world. And much of that is leavening the church. We are simply asking for prayers and financial support to help us each month so that we can expose the lies of the devil, tell the truth as it is - according to God's everlasting Word, and sustain our family.

New Video: Potentially Harmful & Dangerous Spiritual Practices

Watch Video (and read extensive listing) on the SRN website or Watch video on Vimeo!

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Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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