New Product: YOGA: The Dangers - A Five Warning Audio Series

What Everyone Should Know!

Dear Friends,

On Friday November 14 I was finishing up the graphics for this new product and several others. That evening I received a phone call just before 9:00PM, and in that phone call I was informed that our son had been unconscious, is blessed to be alive, and that he was en route to a hospital emergency room - at high speed in an ambulance. Our family car had just been destroyed after hitting an embankment and missing barb wire, telephone poles, oak trees, and a large roadside ravine. A reckless driver had hit our son (interesting timing).  I ran out the door for a 45 minute drive to help my son at the trauma unit, and my new CD series launch in November got completely shelved.

That being said, our son is alive and well and we are deeply thankful and give praise to God. Our son was miraculously spared from being killed in that car accident. That November/December season has passed (except for $35,000.00 worth of  emergency room bills we hope insurance will pay for) and I am happy to announce that we now have a new product for your edification. Just as dangerous as a deadly car accident can be, this is how dangerous Yoga can be - but few dare to consider the possibilities and the reality of it - and even fewer publicly warn about it.

5 Standard Play audio CD's. (MP3/CD coming soon!)

YOGA - The Dangers

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