Brief Update - Websites & Productivity!

Website optimization, computers, bookstore, and shoulder surgery!


This is a quick note to update you on the following:

  • After two years of waiting the hosting company for our SRN Article Archive has finally "Optimized" our archive site for Mobile devices.
  • Our Bookstore at is now "Share Friendly." See our Social Media icons in the bottom right corner!
  • Purchases made through our store help pay for our four websites.
  • Our "SRN Quicklinks Suggestions" has been moved to our Article Links page, along with our "Popular Pages and Articles on SRN."
  • Our Archive site is checked weekly for broken links to enhance website traffic. If you find a broken link on SRN let us know and we will send you a FREE book - from here!
  • We have added a "SRN Recommended articles" feature to the bottom of 300+ pages - scroll to bottom here!

Also, to help with productivity in our office and on the road:

  • FUNDING - We are great need of a new laptop computer, for on-the-road writing and audio recording and editing (MacBook Pro. $2500.00).
  • OFFICE REPAIRS - We are sealing/painting (possibility insulating) our small office. It's 45 degrees in the mornings and we have no heating yet.
  • SURGERY - In December I'll be having shoulder surgery and then three months of physical therapy. I'll be paying for physical therapy out of pocket to ensure the best possible shoulder rehabilitation. We are hoping that this surgery will put an end to five years of sleep aggravation and deprivation.

If you would like to help with current needs you may make a tax-deductible donation here! 

Thank you for your consideration, your support is deeply appreciated.

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment !


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