Our ministry is on the verge of losing its tiny office (a garage with no insulation) and at least 40 hours per week of my own time. My family and I live on next to nothing, serve much, and speak the truth in love! We are doing all we can to help others and keep SRN online. Although many more people are being reached by our ministry, we are facing financial obstacles in moving forward! Any support that anyone can offer at this time is greatly appreciated!  If you can help us out this month or would like to become a regular sponsor of our ministry, please click here to donate through our personal ministry site. If you can help, our e-Processing facilitator will send you a tax-deductible donation receipt.  Thank you to all who can help!

Today I released a new Podcast early. I recorded this a few days ago but in the last 24 hours several people have contacted me needing help and this pertains directly to their concerns. This audio is meant to help people who have been troubled and/or adversely affected by the books God Calling, Jesus Calling, A Course in Miracles, The Freedom Diaries, and all other material that is penned as a result of allegedly hearing from "God," "Jesus," "Angels," "spirits," etc.

A few more things for you!

We've added new SHARE BUTTONS on our newer SRN site - on the left side of the homepage!
We've updated our DESCRIPTION links for our Podcasts!
We've simplified the SRN ARCHIVE for better navigation!
We've filmed a SIMPLE INTRO VIDEO that explains what SRN is and does and why I "name names"!!!

Lastly, and very importantly, my family and I say "THANK YOU" to everyone who is supporting our ministry and helping us keep our websites online!

Chris Lawson, Director
Spiritual Research Network
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