New Product: THE ALPHA COURSE - An Evangelical Contradiction

By Mary Danielsen and Chris Lawson

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This new Booklet Tract that I co-authored with Mary Danielsen was recently released in May 2016, through Lighthouse Trails Publishing. This booklet is available online if you would like to read it, or purchase a copy. Mary has also written other Booklet Tracts which can be found here.

If you live in the United Kingdom you'll most likely be aware of the fact that Nicky Gumbel's ALPHA program has been widely popularized through drastically compromised churches, popular ecumenical leaders and musicians, and the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, ALPHA even has an international Roman Catholic ALPHA series that has been promoted by the popes. Read more about this in my article, ALPHA COURSE: Nicky Gumbel's Alpha Course Being Absorbed by Roman Catholic Ecumenism.

THE ALPHA COURSE - An Evangelical Contradiction
Published by Lighthouse Trails
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Sadly, even pastor Brian Broderson of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa recently gave his personal commendation to Nicky Gumbel's new ALPHA series videos. This is utterly staggering that a long-time Calvary Chapel pastor would give a congratulation to Nicky Gumbel, an internationally recognized Anglican ecumenist and promoter of the laughing revivals (Toronto; Holy Trinity Bromptom). Original source documentation is on Facebook, where Brian Broderson comments to Nicky Gumbel, "What a fantastic introduction to the new Alpha film series! Good One @ Nicky Gumbel…”  (See also, EmergentWatch, Google, and our Spiritual Research Network post dated 4/11/2016 Calvary Chapel Alert.)

As stated, Nicky Gumbel is a well-known promoter of ecumenism and counterfeit laughing revivals. He has also integrated bizarre holy laughter manifestation testimonies into his ALPHA teachings. Not only that, his own personal testimony about the Holy Spirit's alleged "10,000 volts" anointing going into his (Gumbel's) body should cause great to concern to every person who claims to be a Christian.
  • “So they prayed for the Spirit to come . . . I felt something like 10,000 volts going through my body . . . The American (Wimber) had a fairly limited prayer. He just said “more power” . . . it was the only thing he ever prayed. . . . Now we’ve seen many kinds of these manifestations of the Spirit on the weekends. . ."  (See, Sandy Simpson, “The Dangers of the Alpha Course” (; quoting from Session 12 White Alpha training manual ppS8-62/Video V Talk 13)
What is Gumbel's "10,000 volts going through my body" symptomatic of? Occult manifestations found in Hinduism, Subud, Kriya yoga manifestations, laughter yoga cults, and other non-Christian belief systems. The Toronto, Holy Trinity Brompton, Pensacola, Lakeland, etc. laughing revivals produce identical phenomena, and Nicky Gumbel - in grave error - says these are the work of the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, many church leaders - including a growing number of Calvary Chapel leaders, have no idea just how far off-base the ALPHA course is, and that in actuality it is a very serious EVANGELICAL CONTRADICTION. Simply put, pastors need to get educated on what is really going on! The very Gospel message itself is being compromised and adapted for Roman Catholic settings, and ALPHA is at the forefront with Nicky Gumbel and Roman Catholic leaders.

As just previously mentioned, a very serious concern about the ALPHA program are Nicky Gumbel's teachings/videos wherein "holy laughter" revivals and bizarre manifestations are ascribed to the person, nature and work of God the Holy Spirit. Although many of these fleshly and thoroughly unscriptural practices/manifestations are identical to kundalini shaktipat (transferable occult power displays) found in Cultic, occult and pseudo-Christian hyper-faith meetings, the Holy Spirit is invoked as if He is the source of these "signs and wonders." When examined in the light of Scripture, it is clear that Gumbel and has embraced a qualitatively different Jesus, different spirit, and different gospel. The ALPHA program is all about ecumenical unity, not biblical unity according to the Bible.
  • But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. (2 Corinthians 11:3-4)
To all who share any concern at all about the dangerous deluding influence of ecumenism and end-times apostasy, please read our new booklet and pass along copies to family, friends and church leaders. I believe that as you read this booklet and examine the direct quotes from Nicky Gumbel and others, you will see that there is much to be concerned about. In the words of Jude, who was compelled by God the Holy Spirit to warn of false teachers creeping in unawares...
  • Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. (Jude 3,4)
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