Dear Friends,

My recent trip to England and Scotland went very well and I was truly blessed to be a part of The Coming Storm Conference in the North of Shropshire, close by the English - Welsh Border. (It was a pleasure to meet all of you who attended the conference!!!) Along with meeting many genuine believers and serving as a guest speaker at the beautiful conference location, I was also able to be a part of a filming project in Scotland, and of course enjoy the scenery of my former missionary homeland. I wish my trip could have lasted longer but I had already cut my trip in half due to finances and work obligations.

After meeting in a very important round table discussion and filming in Scotland, I then joined some dear friends in the South of England for wonderful fellowship, encouragement and rest. Upon returning home a week and a half ago I have been working non-stop to set up a brand new business (aside from my ministry) in order to prepare for the future in these very trying days that we live in. My time has been spread abundantly thin at this time and I apologize for not posting these audios and videos sooner.

It is my hope and prayer that the following sermons and teachings from The Sanctuary Conference (The Coming Storm) will be of help to many of you who were unable to attend this conference.

THE SANCTUARY - A Shelter in the Time of Storm
Bethesda Shalom - The Coming Storm Conference (Aug/Sep 2016, England)

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    13 Audios - Libsyn / Podcast
  • Aquarian Spirituality & The Church - Chris Lawson
  • A Bride Adorned For Her Bridegroom – Paul M. Williams
  • The [Dangerous] Christianising Of Occult Techniques - Chris Lawson
  • Forgiveness – David Nathan
  • God’s Purpose For The End-Times Church – David Nathan
  • The Coming Storm – Paul M. Williams
  • Another Jesus Calling - Chris Lawson
  • The Coming Time of Persecution – David Nathan
  • Proclaiming The Gospel In The Midst Of Last Days Apostasy - Roger Oakland
  • Running To Obtain A Crown – Paul M. Williams
  • The Ministry of The Holy Spirit & the End-Time Church – David Nathan
  • Spiritual Abuse In Christian Churches - Chris Lawson
  • Question & Answer Session 2016
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I do want to again thank all of you who have financially and prayerfully partnered with our ministry so that we can do the work that we do - as the Lord provides. Your support is deeply appreciated and the much needed funding helps us keep our online and local ministry work going.

Very importantly also, tax deductible donations to our ministry not only assist us with our own website hosting, maintenance and content additions, but they help provide a platform (through our ministry) for numerous other reliable authors and researchers. Numerous other ministries do not have the funding or the training to be their own webmasters (website technicians) and some of us younger guys are trying to fill in the gaps to help others get their material out. I have been very much hoping to post extremely important material on our site - from a number of other authors - some of which is far overdue. My work obligations often times cut my ministry time in half, and this is difficult. The bottom line is, it takes time and financial help to get things written, edited and posted. The GOSPEL IS FREE, but the cost of of running websites and being our own webmasters takes much time, and finances too.

Thank you to all are able to partner with us in this important work. May the LORD bless you as you invest in His work in various ways!

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment !
Chris Lawson

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