SRN Relocation, New Website Coming, and more!

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SRN UPDATE - Relocation, New Website Coming, and more!

Dear Friends

It has been awhile since our last update and I am writing today to let you know a few things.

SRN Ministry
I was doubly blessed in April, as I was able to be a featured guest speaker at the Southern Manitoba Bible Prophecy Conference. This was a truly blessed time and I was so incredibly refreshed at this conference. Details are here.  Thank you again to our conference hosts—I am still blessed by the fellowship we had and all the great memories that were made.

The Safety of My Family and I
An individual that was completely loaded under the influence (marijuana or alcohol or both) assaulted me three times a few months ago. This person went into a psychotic rant against me—and my wife—and this person has threatened several times to physically harm me. What does this mean? This means—if I am harmed, my family also directly suffers as a result. My family and I are taking this threat very seriously and we are making provision to be able to deal with individuals of this sort legally, mentally, and physically should I or my family members be attacked. I have personally been attacked three times in the past by individuals who were either demon-possessed or heavily intoxicated. The next time I or my family are attacked we will be sure to exercise the full extant of the laws of this land so as to subdue the individual(s) in order to protect ourselves. We trust the Lord for our safety, but at the same time we are not going to stick our heads in the sand.

I guess I should also mention that years ago while living in Scotland someone threw objects through our living room glass windows, someone else destroyed the entire side of my Nissan Van and then drove away, and someone else dragged our mini-caravan off the trailer site with a tractor, and then down a hill, and then burned it. I guess its par for the course for us "Christians" these days.

Our home and office have been in one location for the past few years yet we have to move again because we are unable to buy the property that the owners are now selling. So, as most renters understand, we have to move yet again as the property we have called home is going to be sold. We will greatly miss our “home” of seven years, and of all things, the garage/office window I finally was able to get installed a few months ago in order to let sunlight beam into my office. (Anyone want to help us buy a home/ministry center?)

I recently had several heart tests done to monitor an issue that appears to be okay, and I also recently had ten more benign tumors removed. I have now had over 100 tumors removed, and thankfully have been cancer free so far. I continue to have back issues from my injury back in 2009; however, the doctors - my cardiologist included - say that swimming and surfing are two of the best options for me. So I do keep on surfing when time allows for it, and I always enjoy meeting new people and sharing the Lord.

Finances and Ministry Support
Due to our current relocation of both our home and our small ministry/business office, and having to get new health insurance, our monthly expenses are now increasing more than $1650.00 each month. Together my wife and I work several jobs aside from ministry work so that we are able to cover our living expenses as well as the work of Spiritual Research Network. That being said, we trust the Lord to guide and provide as financial pressures are before us. If anyone wants to help contribute to our new SRN office rental payments, you may do so here - Make a Donation!   Thank you for your support, financial gifts help keep our ministry running and they are always appreciated!

  • Planned Giving - Trusts, Wills and more!  This is a new option as far as helping support the work of SRN. If you are interesting in planned giving, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our Missions Facilitator.

A New SRN Website
We were working on building and launching our new website when a number of online security threats occurred, and the family safety issue mentioned above. We also had to clear up a mess when the text of my Taize’ exposé was somehow reproduced and then pawned off as a “free” read for anyone who would sign up on fraudulent self-generating website portals based out of a foreign country in the Caribbean. We submitted numerous complaint forms to various Internet agencies and eventually after many hours of footwork we were able to see the fraudulent criminal activity websites removed form the Internet—for good! After our current relocations we will be officially launching our new site. It is currently active online but it is needs much more work to replace our current ones.

New Material - Literature and Podcasts
I will be writing again and also helping other writers once we have settled into our new office environment. We have new podcast and radio program material on the way and we are also going be updating some of our YouTube accounts.

We have a large amount of correspondence that is slowly being worked through and we apologize for the inconvenience and delay for those who may be wondering about the slow replies.

Thank you for praying for the safety of my family and I, and for our ministry and activities!

  • Philippians 1:8-11 (KJV)      8 For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. 9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; 10 That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ. 11 Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

Chris Lawson, Director
Spiritual Research Network


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