Podcast: Raising Up Biblical and Discerning Leaders

Some practical cautions and suggestions
Topics mentioned in this audio:
  • The Fear of the Lord; Repentance; Dealing with heresy; Revering God instead of man; Consistent Bible reading; Seeking out Bible teaching leaders and ministries; Avoiding excesses and extremes; Defining your terms; Interpreting Scripture with Scripture; Using the Bible and Bible study tools instead of pop-Christianity books and fads; Defining biblical terminology in context; Knowing the basic essentials of the Christian faith and teaching them; Teaching the basics of biblical discernment; Using the proper rules of biblical interpretation; Understanding what a “cult” is, what “the occult” is, what “aberrant” means, and what a “pseudo-Christian cult” is; Finding out what leads to heresy and why; Educating yourself on the threats and dangers that are in the church today; Learning what biblical hermeneutics is all about; Educating your spouse and children in Scripture; Understanding schools of Interpretation and the dangers of “allegorizing” and “spiritualizing” Scripture; Testing all things by the Word of God; Avoiding all appearance of evil; Recognizing the signs and symptoms of cults, spiritual abuse; and more.
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Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment!

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