There is much happening in churches and Christian settings today that is as far from biblical Christianity as one could ever possibly get; but of course, it is called "Christian" because false teachers have labeled it as such. Grave sucking/mantle grabbing, carpet time/soaking prayer, Christian mantras/visualization/guided imagery, a world-famous kicking, punching, vibrating, screaming occult-anointing preacher? A lot of people really think these things are from God! 

For those of you who have had spiritual experiences and manifestations in churches and at so-called revival meetings, and have then experienced hauntings, undiagnosable physical infirmities, psychological confusion, emotional depressions and suicidal thoughts, demonic nightmares, paranormal "presences", horribly rank (sulphur, dead fish, carcass) or sweet odors emanating in your home for no clear reason, etc., you will want to read this months SRN newsletter.

The next "wave" of apostasy in the Church is clearly one that includes all manner of occult practices and experiences - in Christians dress. What is occurring is ramping up to when Antichrist and the ultimate False Prophet finally take center stage on the world scene. Spiritual MYSTERY BABYLON is rising and it will most certainly be coming to a church and Christian setting near you - if it hasn't already!

My following article (and there is much more in this newsletter) is just an excerpt of a much larger document that I am working on. 

The Defiling Influence of Spirit Contact

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Personal note:

I do apologize for the lateness of this July 2014 Newsletter, I have had to take a big step back from ministry in order to start a local side business to make ends meet financially. Our ministry has almost come to a grinding halt because of what happened to our website earlier this year. We just have still not recovered from it. Thank you for your prayers as God leads!

Also, I am available to speak in churches and at events if anyone wants to have me as a guest. I am a soft-spoken person, kind to everyone, non-contentious, I can back up everything I say, record and write with more than enough information, and I am not afraid to tell the truth like it is. Jesus Christ and His Gospel are my primary message, and expositional teaching is what I love to do.  I don't care at all about having a big name for myself and being popular, I said bye to those things many years ago. I love Jesus and His Church and non-believers, and I want to see people saved from their sins and walking with our LORD.

Jesus Christ shed His blood to save us from our sins and from judgment, death and hell; the least I can do is avail myself to fellow Christians and on-believers who want to hear the Word of God taught with no extra modern-day heresy and foolishness attached to it. If you are interested there is a small contact page on our websites. Just follow the links.

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment!

Chris Lawson
Philippians 1:8-11


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