Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: Another New Age "Jesus"?

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Although there are many more articles expressing concerns and thoroughly exposing the so-called "messages" that have been allegedly received from "Jesus" - by Sarah Young - in Sarah Young's popular devotional Jesus Calling, here are over 45 resources I have personally selected to help you examine the unbiblical teachings in Young's so-called "Christian" book. As I usually tell people, "Don't take my word for it, do the homework yourself. Then, kindly and biblically confront the church leaders that are promoting this book! When biblical Christians do their own research they will be able to give irrefutable evidence that Sarah Young's 'Jesus' is clearly a different than the true biblical Jesus of Nazareth. People need to see how biblically theology is being craftily injected with new meanings."

To note, I personally retrieved numerous books off of the shelves of our own extensive SRN research library, about 15 feet from where I am sitting right now. I did this in order to help author Warren Smith cross-check extensive citations from New Age/occult books that back up his clear arguments and sound biblical refutation of Sarah Young's book. In examining the evidence for myself, I assure you that the "Jesus" of Sarah Young's Jesus Calling is the exact type of thing that Paul the Apostle sought to warn the church at Corinth about - "another Jesus, another spirit, and another gospel" (2 Corinthians 11:1-4). Warren Smith clearly shows the extensive theological errors in Young's book, in his own book titled, "Another Jesus" Calling: How False Christs Are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer. Many people today are wholeheartedly agreeing, as I do, with Warren Smith's conclusion.

Through extensive examination by way of biblical comparison and contradistinction with the "My Presence" teachings and allusions communicated in Jesus Calling, Sarah Young's book is clearly a book that conveys a New Age "Jesus." As far as the heavily themed "My Presence" (allegedly Jesus) phraesology all throughout Jesus Calling, one can find extremely similar and very disturbing "My Presence" messages from "spirit guides" on a vast array of New Age, occult and channeling/mediumship websites.

Altogether, it just takes being a responsible Christian and doing the homework for oneself to find out what is really going on here. Instead of blindly following undiscerning church leaders and emotion-based Christianity that fights nail-and-tooth to defend the "Jesus" of Jesus Calling, Christians ought to "Prove [test] all things, hold fast what is good." Biblical discernment is the clarion call for today; not what feels good and it politically correct. I believe that upon examining a vast array of sound biblical refutations of Jesus Calling and its New Age allusions, buzz words and themes, many more will see Jesus Calling for what it is.

But again, don't take my word for it, do the homework and draw your own conclusions!

Here is the evidence:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young: Another New Age "Jesus"

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