Communication Update


I am writing to apologize for my lack of communication via newsletter, updates and e-mails. Two months ago I had to start a side business in order to pay the bills. If you have tried to contact me over the past few weeks and not received a response I am deeply sorry; I have been working a great deal, am just now starting to catch up on correspondence, and trying to be consistent with writing.
Altogether, this addition to our lives has been physically exhausting yet necessary in order to keep the bills paid. It is our prayer that my wife’s business and my new side business will be “tent making” opportunities for the Lord to provide more support for us as a family and for SRN. In the coming months (Lord willing) I will be working more than full-time with my new business and with SRN in order to keep both alive.
Recently updated articles (fixed links) on our SRN site can be found here, and our ministry donate page has been fixed. Our hosting company had to manually fix a strange optimization problem that had prevented numerous subscribers from donating.
We are deeply grateful for those of you who do support our SRN ministry. Your generosity and prayers throughout this season are deeply appreciated.

Proclaiming the Gospel and Encouraging Biblical Discernment!

Chris Lawson
Philippians 1:8-11


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