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Network Leadership Teams and Social Media Champions,

After over 6 years at National Board, I am resigning my position.  My last day is today, but I will hold my email access until next Friday, January 28.
I am fortunate to have worked at the National Board.  I have learned and grown professionally through the work in so many ways, especially in my connection with the National Board Networks.  The educators who make up the networks are among the smartest, most dedicated and hardest working people I have known.  Most of this work is voluntary and done because of a passion in each of you for only the best for students and teachers.  
Additionally, National Board’s DEI emphasis has provided me with information, perspective and self-reflection that have made me a better me.  I believe that National Board has been the best place to work during so much social unrest and growth as a country.  This is an area of personal growth I will continue to intentionally work on.
Mostly, I have been blessed to work alongside colleagues and network leaders who became friends and then friends who became family.  Thank you for the kindness, flexibility and friendship you have brought to the work. I believe in the importance of the National Board and, as an NBCT, I will stay connected.  
I have accepted a position with National Association of Secondary School Principals, NASSP, where I will be leading the professional development work for school leaders, leading the National Principal and Vice Principal of the Year programs, and designing school leader events.  I do intend to make the value of National Board Certified Teachers a part of the professional learning, especially those in school leader positions!  This work will also allow me to engage with students as NASSP oversees National Honor Society and Student Counsel.  I have really missed my students.
Laura Benedetto,, will step into the work with the National Board Networks.  Many of you know Laura as she has partnered with me on much of the work of the networks and the Academy.  National Board is lucky to have Laura’s organization, expertise and experience to lead this program. April Jones,, will continue to connect with the Facebook administrators.  April leads the candidate support work for National Board.  Her collaboration hours have added huge value to those of you doing this important work.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and am looking forward to staying connected with you in various capacities in the future.  You can always reach me at my personal email,, and phone, 740-704-1567.  

Please see below for information on  #TeamNBCT Week and Digital Badges.
Sincerely and with hugs- and in admiration,
Tami Fitzgerald, NBCT                       
Director, Engagement and Mobilization
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards  | @tfitz7  |   

#TeamNBCT Week - Jan 24 - Jan 28

Here is the #TeamNBCT toolkit for our Networks.  Share your NBCT pride!

Make sure that to follow the National Board accounts for fun surprises-, on Twitter @nbpts, and on Instagram @nbpts!

What’s happening?

  • On Monday, 1/24 we will issue a press release, share a social media toolkit with you and highlight NBCT stories on our blog

  • New NBCTs will have access to a press release template enabling you to highlight your accomplishments broadly

  • All of the state and district data will be updated on the #TeamNBCT page

  • On Wednesday, 1/26, we’re hosting a webinar at 8pm ET just for you! Register (even if you can’t join live) to discover ways to engage and advance accomplished teaching, advocacy and more. The session will focus on leadership opportunities for you

  • On Friday, 1/28, close out the week connecting with your fellow NBCTs. Join one of two Virtual NBCT Socials

  • On Saturday 1/29 you’ll receive an email asking you to complete a survey sharing information about your accomplishments and interest in engaging with the National Board. Please complete the survey.

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