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Spring Edition


Spring Into LIYF!

Thank you all for a wonderful start to the new year! This year I am continuing to spread my love for humanity through health and wellness on the international level! In the past few months I have traveled throughout the country and world to teach others about the power of the 4 Principles and the healing power of raw living foods!

Even though I may be busy, I will still make time for you! Your health is my number one priority and I want each of you to live the life you deserve! If you need a personal consult please, please call or email puradyme ( and leave a brief message for me. I will do my best to get in touch with you as soon as I am able! 
All My Love, 

Are you an international member of the PuraDyme family?

Make sure to check out one of our many PuraDyme international sponsors! You can save money and the shipping time!

Irth; Calgary Canada
Back to Live; Alberta Canada
Healthy Edge; Nova Scotia Canada
Evolution Organics; Oxfordshire United Kingdon
Raw Planet s.r.o; Prague Czech Republic
WIE S.R.O; Slovakia
Groupe Altra; France
PuraDyme Australia & New Zealand; Australia
Jazz Up Your Health; Jamaica

For contact information for all international sponsors, make sure to check out our Store Locator Page!
~*Matthew Taylor
Lemon Ginger Blast
Lou's Must Have!


1 bunch Celery
3 inches Fresh Ginger
3 inches Fresh Turmeric (when available)
1 handful Fresh Mint
1 Peeled Lemon
1 bunch Parsley (regular or Italian)
1 bunch Cilantro
1 Cucumber (large)
2 Apples
1/2-1 Habanero or Jalapeno (full pepper for more advanced)
2 bunches Spinach
3 cups Water

Juice & Enjoy!
Drink one glass every morning
Final juiced amount should be cut with 1/3 water!

Watch Lou Make his Famous Ginger Blast! 



Super Charge your LGB with PuraZyme!

PuraDyme’s PuraZyme was designed to assist the body in the natural regeneration of cells! Full of antioxidants, this product can also assist the body in:

  • Fighting degenerative diseases 
  • Neutralizing free radicals in the system 
  • Minimize and slowing down the aging process 
  • Stabilizing your system 

Take PuraZyme on an empty stomach to achieve its maximum benefit!

Dan the Man, Life Regenerator Update!

Dan is still in Hawaii where he has dedicated himself to focusing on personal Inner physical and spiritual well-being. He is continuing to learn about nature and its role in every day life!

He is a true inspiration and has been working with individuals who want to learn the secret to health and wellness using raw foods, the power of nature, and enzymes and probiotics!

Dan is also working on a 7-Part series of Educational Videos that are available on youtube, PuraDyme Facebook & DTM's Facebook!

Part 1: Do Probiotics Work?

Part 2: How to Boost Your Immune System

Part 3: Is Mucoid Plaque Real?
Part 4: Coconut Yogurt is Medicine
Part 5: The Best Vegan Protein to Build Muscle Fast
Part 6: Raw Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich
Part 7: Raw Vegan Cool Ranch Dressing
Be Inspired! Remember David Gaynor? David battled a testicular tumor by embracing  Lou Corona’s 4 Principles to healing. His journey, Walking Raw, lead readers through the ups-and-downs of taking battling a tumor using raw food, guidance by Lou Corona & Prayer. "It [was] not easy to turn away from the medical system and venture into these waters, but I believe in the power of wholefoods, enzymes and probiotics".

Check in with David today to learn where he is at now in this incredible, emotional & motivational story!
Upcoming Event!
 Walking Raw's David Gaynor & Wife, Raw Chef Ilaria to speak at New Living Expo 

Learn how to keep your children healthy and eating right in today's modern world! Dave and Ilaria will be speaking together to teach about the 4 Principles and using them in your day-to-day life! Listen to them speak about Health & Spiritual well being at the New Living Expo! "Creating Wellness Through Mind, Body & Spirit!"

This event is loaded with inspirational speakers! Click here to learn more about the event! 
When: April 29th, 30th & May 1st, 2016
Where: California

General Admission (Includes Exhibit Hall, Workshops, Lectures, & Panels)
1 day is $15
2 days $25
3 days $30
Meet Kerry Coote!

Certified raw-food chef and health coach!
Jazz Up Your Health

Meet PuraDyme's latest international representative! Kerry Coote is bringing the 4 Principles to Jamaica! 
"More and more people are becoming sick. It's an everyday occurrence to see and hear about people dying from various self-inflicted diseases. Knowing this can be avoided by simple lifestyle changes prompted me to share my knowledge with my fellow Jamaicans."

(click here to read the full article in the Gleaner!)
Kerry partnered with Lou to teach Jamaicans "the value of food and the importance of what [Jamaicans] are consciously putting in their mouths. This is a great shift for Jamaica and Jamaicans because it's about healing."

Want to learn more about Kerry Coote? Check out her Facebook page and learn how to Jazz Up Your health Jamaican Style!

Inspiring Testimonial!

It has now been a little more than a few months since taking the Puradyme products. I have to say they are AMAZING! As you know I have been a strong advocate of digestive enzymes for many years and your product is truly the best. I am not only feeling a difference it has totally enhanced my physical appearance, fitness level and stamina in combination with my current protocols.  I am attaching a picture that was taken a few weeks ago. I am the one of the right….today I turn 47 years old. The other two guys are 30 years old and they both are in the best health of their life.People could not believe that I looked just as young as these guys. Especially if you would go back to pictures of me 8 years ago…I looked like I was in my 50’s then. This past year has been a focused journey for me in returning to my youth and I truly believe reaching out to you months ago has become part of this journey for me.  

I thought you might appreciate an update and hear how much I am enjoying the products…and results!

~Doug C

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