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April-May Issue



Lou Corona & Dan McDonald 
April 14th, 18th, 19th

Event Details:
Dan will talk of his most recent healing and cleansing experiences with juicing and enzymes.  He will demo and share his favorite concoction.
Lou will share the power of optimizing digestion and the best way to run “Lean, Clean and Serene.”.  Many people are still learning it’s not what you eat it is what you digest and assimilate that matters. The body breaks down as undigested matter accumulates on a cellular level and the digestive system becomes clogged up. Lou will share the power of optimizing digestion and the best way to run “Lean, Clean and Serene.”

An optional Q and A will be from 9:00pm to 9:30pm.
** Please update your RSVP at least 48 hours prior to the event if you are unable to make it.  We can only accommodate 150 people so there may be a wait-list.

April 18th-19th Food Workshop (Intermediate/Advanced)

Ticket Information:
RSVP $309.00: I will attend Saturday & Sunday
RSVP $209.00: I will attend the Intermediate / Advanced Workshop on Saturday
RSVP $209.00: I will attend the Living Cultured Food Preparation Workshop on Sunday
Event Details:
DAY 1 Saturday, April 18, 2015 1pm-6pm – Intermediate / Advanced Four Principles Workshop

 Dan and Lou will take you through a Four Principles interactive journey. You will learn practices in each area of the Four Principles to incorporate in your daily life that will contribute to your quality of life and address your over all health.  This workshop is for those that are ready to go deep and take their health to the next level for a lifetime.

DAY 2 Sunday, April 19, 2015: 1pm-6pm – Living Cultured Food Preparation Workshop

 “It is not what you eat that offers nutrition, it is what your body breaks down to micronutrients and absorbs.”
This workshop will provide you with a strong foundation of versatile nutritionally dense recipes. The delicious food you will experience is live and/or cultured for the most optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.  You will know what to eat on a daily basis for your most optimal health.

-  Lemon Ginger Blast
-  Sprouted Almond Coconut Milk
-  Gorilla Milk
-  Cultured Smoothie
-  Cultured Almond Coconut Yogurt
-  Cultured Creamy Salad Dressing
-  Savory Soup
-  Wrap with sprouted pâté
-  Ice Cream
-  Love
-  Fun
-  Great Memories
-  Meeting people on the same healthy path

To Officially Hold Your Seat:
1.  RSVP your selection to hold your spot for 24 hours.  (RSVP’s that aren’t paid within 24 hours will be released.)
2.  Provide full payment within 24 hours to officially register in the workshop(s) via PayPal Account: you do not have a Paypal account please contact PuraDyme and you can pay via credit cards)
 Tuition increases $25.00 on April 15, 6pm pacific standard time.
Your ticket will be refunded if cancellation notification is received by Monday, 4/13/15.  After 4/13/15, we are not able to refund your ticket unless we can fill your seat.

PuraDyme Give-A-Way!

Featured Product: LiyfBiotic!

PuraDyme’s LiyfBiotic is a powerful multi-strain probiotic that contributes to a natural, healthy intestinal tract using five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria! This formula is perfect to take daily to help improve digestion and restore healthy flora. 
Click the Product Picture to be entered to win a free LiyfBiotic!  2 Chances to Win!
Drawing on May 15th, June 15th!

Congratulations to the previous winners of the Liyf Essentials!
Kenza Kadmiry, Kyle Angelozzi & Dee Frey!

A Special Testimonial: 

Childhood Asthma

Just after my daughter’s 7th birthday, the doctors told us they suspected she had childhood asthma. She had what they called a “habitual cough.” She was given an inhaler, but after using it 6 times, she began having a bad reaction to it; she had insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks. I was familiar with Lou Corona and after doing some research, started giving my daughter LiyfZyme, Liyf Essentials, and LiyfBiotic. I also began incorporating a lot more fresh fruit and veggies into her daily diet, as well as the fresh almond milk/gorilla milk. I used the inhaler less and less until I just stopped using it all together. When my daughter went back into the doctor for her follow up, the doctor was AMAZED! She said whatever I was doing NOT to change a thing and to keep moving forward. The cough is gone and my daughter has never been healthier!!


The Effects of Sugar on the Brain & Body

Most people can easily identify foods that contain high amounts of processed sugar; Chocolate Chip Cookies, Candy, Jam, Pies & Cake to name a few. What is now becoming more commonly recognized is the harmful effects this sugar has on our brains and the damage it does to our bodies and other internal organs.
But did you know researchers are now acknowledging that sugar is as addicting as a drug? This is due to the fact that the first bite of sugar actually sends a message to the brain, activating the brain’s reward system through the release of dopamine. “In people who experience dependency on drugs, nicotine, and alcohol, the dopamine receptors are sent into overdrive causing the individual to constantly seek that “high” effect. The end result is addiction. Sugar causes a similar reaction in the brain, although not nearly as extreme as in the case of other addictive substances” (Medical Daily).  In simple terms, by activating this pathway, the brain is telling the individual to repeat the action in order to continue receiving the reward! So the more sugar you have, the more sugar you want!

The problem with processed sugars and a lot of junk foods is that they can cause a massive dopamine release… much more than we were ever exposed to from foods found in nature! –Science Direct

No matter what foods we consume, dopamine is released in the brain. However, our dopamine response to the same foods will eventually fade, causing us to branch out and try different flavors, combinations and foods. This tactic helps ensure that we will receive a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals (Medical Daily).  Interestingly enough, when we continually eat sugar, the response stays the same and the dopamine levels DO NOT level out! The rewards continue to be high, motivating the individual to consume more! The problem with processed sugars and a lot of junk foods is that they can cause a massive dopamine release… much more than we were ever exposed to from foods found in nature! –Science Direct

The overconsumption of sugar may lead to loss of control, cravings, binge eating, and even an increased tolerance for sugar! Some serious side effects also include obesity, high blood pressure and liver damage! The bottom line: 
  1. Sugar contains a lot of empty calories & no essential nutrients
  2. Because of the harmful effects of sugar on the function of insulin, it is a leading driver of type II diabetes
  3. Consumption of high sugars can cause resistance to the hormone insulin, which can contribute too many diseases.
  4. Excess fructose gets turned into fat, which can lodge in the liver and cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  5. Because of the effects of sugar on hormones and the brain, sugar dramatically increases the risk of becoming overweight or obese.
 People should eat no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day (about 25g)! One Coke contains 
Take control of your sugar intake!
The easiest way to take control of your Liyfstyle and sugar intake is to fill your diet with fresh, nutrient rich foods found in nature!  Let’s check out some brain foods to get or days going the right way!

  • Dark Leafy Greens/ Vegetables (Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens, Beet Greens, Chard, Turnip Greens,  Cilantro, Parsley)
    • WHY: Vegetables, especially dark leafy greens, are supporters for the brain! Just half a cup of spinach will give you a huge proportion of your daily vitamin K and folate requirements! Asparagus is another great brain food since it’s rich in folic acid. This helps metabolize the long chain fatty acids in your brain, keeping your neurons firing strongly!
  • Fruits-
    •  Apples- Brain boosters!
            WHY:  Apples contain Quercetin, a chemical that protects the delicate parts of the brain that are susceptible to free radical damage and potential cognitive decline!
    •  Berries (Blackberries, cherries, Strawberries)
            WHY: Berries contain polyphenols, antioxidants, & nutrients—all wonderful re-energizers that will help keep your brain fresh and will help 
    • to slow the oxidization process that comes with aging and can slow down neurological responses!
    • Avocado-Brain Nourishment!
            WHY: Avocadoes are a rich source of healthy fats that nourish your brain and keep you young. 
  • Spices-Turmeric, Curcumin, Cinnamon
    • WHY: Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Nuts—(Walnuts, Almonds, Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds)
    • WHY: Walnuts are rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids—all essential for good brain function. Almonds have folic acid, vitamin E, and protein. A handful of nuts a day is a great snack and also a brain boost!
What Does Your Diet Look Like?
~Stacy Moffett~


Try Lou Corona's Smoothies!
Click here for the recipe!

All your Favorite Brain Foods!

Click here for the recipe!
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