Daily Encouragement for Your Spirit Contemporary Life
[Paul] gazing intently at him and observing that he had faith to be healed… And he leaped up and walked.
– Acts 14:9-10 (AMPC)
Sometimes when Holy Spirit wants to use you to touch someone else’s life, He simply draws your attention to that person.
Acts 14:8-10 tells the story of Paul healing a man who had never walked. As Paul was preaching, something drew his attention to this one man. I’m sure several others in the crowd had physical disabilities, but Holy Spirit drew Paul’s attention to the man who was ready.
Sometimes I will be walking through a grocery store or a coffee shop, and I notice someone in particular. Now, I don’t ever put on a show or walk up to someone in a wheelchair and tell them to stand up and walk. Often, I’ll just look for a normal, natural way to start up a conversation with someone else in line or I’ll ask if I can sit beside someone at the coffee shop.
There are times when nothing comes of this interaction. But other times, I can see God’s perfect timing all over it. As I show care and concern, they often open up. Sometimes I simply share some encouragement. Other times, I test out their openness by saying something like, “Wow, I used to feel that way too, until I found something that worked for me.” I don’t get pushy. If they show interest, I simply talk about what has worked for me and share my story of how Jesus touched my life.
Holy Spirit will bring you to opportunities like this where you can share about Jesus. He loves to reveal Jesus to people. So stay open and pay attention when He draws your awareness to someone.
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