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Do You Really Believe?

One of the greatest perks of working in mission mobilization is debriefing our STA's (short-term associates) coming back from the field. Some are weary, some passionate; some want to return, others aren't so sure. Some had a life-changing experience, some suffered conflict and possibly trauma. No matter their story, it is the greatest privilege to be able to spend time with these missionaries and hear what the Lord did in their time overseas and how they grew in their own weaknesses. 

Friday morning, I had the honor of joining a colleague for a debrief of a beautiful Jesus-lover. Although she struggled at first with what to talk about, everything she shared with us was deeply encouraging and even convicting. 

While describing what she learned about herself on the field, she said something I found incredibly profound. She said, "If there is no action in my belief, do I really believe it?"

What a kick in the gut! If we are not acting out our beliefs, such as providing aid and shelter to the least of these standing up for widows and orphans, then do we really believe the inerrancy of the word of God? He tells us faith without works is dead. So if our faith is not lived out in action, by word or deed, I wonder how deep our beliefs really are for each of us.

I spent and hour and a half with this short-termer and I walked away full of more joyous conviction than I had felt in a long time. 

My co-worker, and friend, whom I call Jo, welcoming me back to part-time work with a hug and a chat! I have been so thankful for the support, encouragement, and patience I have received from my colleagues. Every one of them has a very heavy work load, and yet all I hear from them is to take my time getting healthy and to take care of me first. Our mobilization and recruitment team is a beautiful representation of Christ Himself. 
A Praise: I made it to Indiana for Christmas and back home to Charlotte shortly after with only one complaint: a nasty cold! But I was so glad I was able to celebrate the birth of our Savior with my family and these Smith women!

Ministry Update

While I am still struggling quite a bit with my Chronic Lyme Disease, I am very happy to report that I am working with my team again! My schedule is very flexible and I work mostly from home, but it has been so refreshing to be able to help out the mobilization team once again. 

My current work efforts and projects:
  • Review all applications from recruits 
  • Participate in as many post-field debriefs as I can
  • Review and edit mobilization publications
  • Maintain our mobilization calendars for Short Term Associates and missionary's Home Assignments
  • Assist in various projects for the Recruitment Director
  • Provide our team with needs and prayer requests from our STA's 
  • Answer recruitment phone calls to the USA office one day a week
  • Assist the Mobilization Director as his new Administrative Assistant
I hope to be able to take on more responsibilities in the coming weeks and months as I continue treatment and prayerfully gain more strength. Thank you for your support and prayers through this difficult time!
Prayers and Praises:
  • Praise the Lord that I am able to work again. It is minimal work, but that doesn't make it ineffectual.
  • Praise the Lord for a beautiful representation of Jesus found in my teammates!
  • Praise the Lord for His continued faithfulness in finances and other provisions thus far and that He would continue to provide as I seek further treatment.
  • Pray that in light of our nation's recent decisions, that people would only be spurred on to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  • Pray that our earthly fears would not determine our allegiances. Pray that we would only stand with the Kingdom of God; reminding ourselves that with Him is truly our only "safe" Home.
  • And as always, as you pray for me please let me know how I can be praying for you!
Big Prayer Request:

Out of the Lord's kindness I have been granted an appointment with the top Lyme Specialist in the country. This Thursday, February 9th, a few of my girlfriends will take me to Washington D.C. for my consultation. Would you pray this appointment would go well? Because of differing Lyme treatment laws in NC and DC, the Washington doctor is able to treat Chronic lyme Disease with a much more aggressive approach than my current physician. It is believed that I would greatly benefit from this possible change in treatment. Therefore I am very hopeful this doctor will be able to take on my medical care! Pray with me that the Lord would work His Will in this appointment and that I would be able to come back home with a clear idea of what my options are moving forward. 
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