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An Update for The Cosmically Enthused

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All Hail Discordians,

Wow - what a summer it's been! For those of you who were at the seminal Festival 23, I hope your landing has either not yet happened, or was as graceful as can be hoped. 

And for those of you gunning for more Cosmic fun - we have two wonderful offerings on October 22nd and October 23rd! 

On October 22nd we present Moksha's "Cosmic Cruz Cabaret" - in Stoke Newington, London - which will be a celestial cocktail of your favourite Cosmic Trigger and Festival 23 performers (with all-new acts), and the launch of the Santa Cruz 'For the Love of Bob' pilgrimage. All ticket proceeds go towards the Pilgrim's Fund. 

And on the 23rd, The Money Burner's Manual (or Poetry Can Fuck with your Finances) at The Cockpit in London - improvised music and spoken word written by resident Cosmic Money Burner, Jon Harris, and arch polemicist Heathcote Williams. Edited and compiled by Daisy Campbell. Money burning optional? BOOK HERE 

For now just get that weekend scribbled in your diary - more details to follow. 

Hail Eris, Hail Horkos, Hail The Others! 

xx xxx Daisy
Photos by Dan Sumption with kind permission (aka Pope Smorgasbord the Valid)

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