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Shabbat Shalom!


Upcoming Dates

Friday, March 27:

  • School Wide Shabbat Celebration, 11am Join here
  • Afternoon Activity: Sticks, 4:30pm Join here
    • Bring 10 small sticks from your yard, paper, crayons, and tape
  • Daily Challenge: A Day With No Crayons: Listen to A Day With No Crayons. Imagine a day with no crayons. Can you create a picture with ONLY objects - no pencils, crayons or markers? 

Mega Weekend Challenge: Build a Fairy House or Mouse House: Learn how to build a fairy or mouse house. Collect materials, build a house in your yard or in the woods, and let us know what happens! Find more ideas here

Saturday, March 28:

  • Beach Party Havdalah, 6pm Join here
    • Bring a candle, a spice, and juice and come dressed in your beach wear!
Monday, March 30:
  • Parparim Social Skills for 1s (Shorashim, Keshet), 10:30am Join here
  • Rimonim Class Three Marker Challenge, 11:30am Join here
  • Afternoon Activity: Drawing with Cars, 4:30pm Join here
  • Bring toy cars, markers, paper and tape
  • Bedtime Story with Patrick, 6:30pm Join here
  • Sleep Workshop, 7:30pm Join here
  • Daily Challenge: Line Up! We are crazy for lines. Line up your toy cars, your animals, your blocks. How far can you go? Show us your lines! 

Tuesday, March 31:

  • Parparim Social Skills for 2s (Galim, Nitzanim, Levana, Yamim, Avir), 10:30am Join here
  • Music Class with Emily Perlman on Tuesday at 11:30. Join here.
  • Afternoon Activity: Pretend Snow, 4:30pm Join here
    • Bring a box of baking soda, hair conditioner, measuring cups, large bowl or container
  • Bedtime Story with Patrick, 6:30pm Join here
  • Parent Cocktail Hour (BYO quarantini. PJs welcome.), 8:30pm Join here
  • Daily Challenge: Three Little Pigs: Build a house out of any materials you have at home, then see if you can blow it down. (This challenge comes to us from Patrick Cahn!) 

Wednesday, April 1:

  • Parparim Social Skills for 3s (Adamah, Shamayim, Rimonim, Etzim), 10:30am Join here
  • Rimonim Class Three Marker Challenge, 11:30am Join here
  • Afternoon Activity: Vet’s Office, 4:30pm Join here
    • Bring stuffed animals, your doctor kit, paper and crayons
  • Daily Challenge: Forts! Build the coolest fort ever. This challenge comes to us from the Brier Family!) 

Thursday, April 2:

  • Parparim Social Skills for 4s (Shemesh, Geshem, Ruach), 10:30am Join here
  • Afternoon Activity: Crayons, 4:30pm Join here
    • Bring paper, scissors, crayons, tape
  • Bedtime Story with Patrick, 6:30pm Join here
  • Daily Challenge: Name Game: Create your name from objects found around the house. Send all photo and video submissions to

Friday, April 3:

  • School Wide Shabbat Celebration, 11am Join here
  • Afternoon Activity: Pots & Pans Jam with Katie Fanke, 4:30pm Join here
    • Bring pots, pans, and a spoon (parents, wear your earplugs!)
  • Daily Challenge: Not a Box: Not a Box is one of our favorite books at school. Listen to the story, then find a box. What will it become? A car? A spaceship? We can’t wait to find out! 

Upcoming Dates for the Week of March 29
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More dates: School Year CalendarYear Round Calendar 

News & Updates


Special Delivery

Surprise! Deliveries of the most beautiful seder plates created by your child and circle time supplies for the next few weeks are coming your way today or early next week. If you are on our challah subscriber list that is coming as well. If you can help deliver this afternoon, please reply to this email to let us know.

Playdate with Your Teacher

We miss your children! Your child is invited to join their teacher for their very own virtual playdate. Every week, the teachers and your child have a scheduled zoom playdate together. The call will last from 10-15 minutes. Playdates start Monday. Please check the schedule and RSVP here to let us know if your child can join.

Read a Book!

After seeing their teachers reading stories, a few families have asked about creating their own story videos. Let's start a story library! Select your favorite book, record a reading and send us the results to share with the rest of the TBSCC community. 


Mega Weekend Challenge

Build a Fairy House or Mouse House!
  1. Learn how to build a fairy or mouse house with Jesse
  2. Find instructions and ideas here
  3. Collect materials
  4. Build a house in your yard or in the woods
  5. Let us know what happens!
  6. Send all photo and video submissions to or post in the Facebook group #challengeaccepted

Sleep Workshop

Monday, March 30, 7:30- 8:30pm
Do you have an infant or toddler who is struggling to sleep? Do you want to learn how to establish healthy sleep foundations and strategies for your child? This workshop led by certified pediatric sleep consultant, Molly Leighton, from Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting, will explore both the physical and cognitive developments that occur in our children, and how these developments play a role in your child's sleep. She will provide strategies and answers to your sleep struggles.
Register in advance
Join workshop


Parent-Teacher Conferences 

We know many of you had cancelled conferences. We are working on plans for rescheduling those and will keep you posted! Meanwhile, you will receive your child's written winter portfolio via email over the next couple of weeks. 

Cards for Senior Members of Our TBS Community & Residents of Newbridge Hebrew Senior Life

When we suddenly had to halt our visits to Newbridge to see our senior buddies, both the children and the seniors were so disappointed. Sign up here to make cards, pictures, paintings tor write letters to send to seniors. 


Caring Team

If you hear of anyone in our TBS Children's Center community who is sick, please let us know! Laura Kittredge (mom of Evan) continues to provide support if you or your family is experiencing illness or any lifecycle event. Even when we are not together, this support continues. 

Volunteers Needed

Can you pack supply kits for at home learning, wrap seder plates, deliver challah? Can you host an online coffee or family event? Sign up here so we can organize!

Around Temple Beth Shalom


Passover Scavenger Hunt

Register to be part of our community wide hunt! Just like an afikomen hunt, but bigger! Hide an object in your window for others to find on their walks and drive bys. Here's how to play:

Select a Passover themed object from your home. You can be as creative as you would like! Ideas:
  • A ritual object (ex: seder plate, kiddush cup, haggadah)
  • An object that represents a Passover theme (ex: flowers to represent spring)
  • A picture of your favorite Passover food
  • A Passover greeting poster
Place your object in a window that can be seen from the street view. Come up with a clue and a hint. Fill out the clue sheet. Sign up by April 4.
The hunt begins Sunday, April 5 and runs through Sunday, April 12, so please submit your entries this week! Return to the clue sheet starting on April 5 and let the hunt begin. Print a copy and drive or walk to as many homes as you would like to find the hidden objects. Happy hunting!

Passover Seder for Families with Young Children

Sunday, April 12, 5-5:30pm
Join Emily Perlman, Rabbi Julie Bressler, and Ellen Dietrick for a virtual seder. You bring dinner, we will bring songs, games, stories and fun! Get your matzah ready and save the date. Grandparents and other special relatives are welcome!


Havdalah with Rabbi Todd & the Markley Family

You are invited to join the Markley family for virtual havdalah, connecting their home with yours.  This week's special theme for Havdalah will be S'mores that will help us bring a little of Shabbat's sweetness into the new week ahead.  If you would like to, feel free to bring:

1) A candle (any kind will work!)
2) A sweet smelling spice (cinnamon is perfect, but anything will work!)
3) A glass of juice or wine
4) All of the fixins for S'mores...marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and a creative (and safe!) way to heat up the marshmallows.

Or just come! All are welcome, even if you don't have these items at home. Click on this link just before 7:30pm to join us.

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