Good Book Club: Gospel of John, begins January 6th

In the beginning was the Word…

Start 2020 with a renewed commitment to the Word of God. The Good Book Club returns to Saint Mark's for a third year with the Gospel of John. We’ll read the compelling account—inspired by “the disciple whom Jesus loved”—during the time from Epiphany through Shrove Tuesday.

Of course, we are familiar with the most famous verse of John 3:16, but our Good Book Club focus gives us an opportunity to read the extraordinary gospel from start to finish. We’ll hear stories only heard in John: Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding of Cana, encounters the woman at the well, and raises Lazarus from the dead.

The spiritual Gospel of John uses beautiful poetry: Jesus as the bread of life and as the vine. And it’s in John that we hear the great I AM statements.

We’re excited for this journey through John. Make plans now to join Saint Mark's, Forward Movement, and the whole Episcopal Church to encounter the risen Lord through the signs and wonders, the beauty and revelation of John’s Gospel.

You can find resources here: or in the Narthex.

Be sure to join us each Sunday at 9:15 in the Parish Hall for our Church-wide bible study.