Thursday 7th May 2015


How's life, on this historic day?

Today is sunny in south London. There's a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and those I work with on Skype will know that I am abundant in birdsong in Streatham Hill. Today my birds are doing me proud. After the big winds and plenty of rain earlier in the week, the sunshine is back and my heart fills with gladness to have such a nice green and pleasant view and avian surround sound through my office window. 

There's much to be grateful for in my life right now, it seems. Do write and tell me what you are grateful for? Simply hit reply and your abundant list will be in my inbox.


A Spiral of Abundance

Last Friday I was tempted by a little course offered by Tom Evans at Creating an Abundance Spiral. I was particularly taken by Tom's abundant pricing, as follows:

"The Abundant Thinking course is available for the relatively small investment of just £33. The number 33 is important as are the terms and conditions. There is no early bird discount nor a money back after 7 days offer (your statutory rights of course apply under the EU Distance Selling Regulations).

These measures are reflective of an old energy system based upon fear. This course will change and enhance your energy level so you can elevate yourself out and away from such devices. Within a week of taking this course, you will get a return on your investment equal to or greater than £33. It may be though not in cash but in wealth and health generation of a more priceless kind.

As I want as many people as possible to benefit from this program and I realise that, for some, even £33 might be a bit too much to spend right now. For this reason, there is an even lower investment you can make to dip your toe in the water of a more magical world.

For just £3.33 (for Kindle) or £9.99 (in print), you can get my new book, New Magic for a New Era which includes a chapter on money. Just reading this chapter will change your energy and begin to create a new flow in your life. Note that there is magic just in the numbers!

What’s more, by merely buying the book, you qualify to get access to my course on the Magic of Meditation (worth £12) for free."

Abundance is as abundance does. Tom is a man after my own heart when it comes to breaking out of the old scarce ways of selling and, instead, setting our own pricing strategy congruent with our personal beliefs.

Tom's book and course recommended that I took a couple of pieces of immediate action which I did; I am nothing if not A Good Girl, me, when I am so minded. The first is something which is also recommended in another magical book about money which I also love, Sandy Forster's How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, namely clutter-clearing for profit. If you've visited chez moi you'll know I barely have any clutter.

Nevertheless, even before Tom's nudge, I already had it in mind to dispose of a couple of unwanted items on Gumtree for cash and so I leapt out of bed on Sunday morning and listed my unused BBQ and pop-up gazebo for sale. Both shifted over the bank holiday weekend and I found myself the richer by £110. Ka-ching. Whilst I had always intended to get around to this "one day", Tom's prompt meant I had an immediate 200% return on my investment of £33 in his course and £3.33 his book, total outlay £36.33.

Tom also recommends that, if you are self-employed, a way of increasing your income is to offer something new to your clients which I felt inspired to do on Monday with my new One Thing group.

So far we have chosen goals ranging from increasing fitness to working through a course recently purchased which has been languishing unloved (shelf development!), to creating a new daily habit, doing the tax return, getting a picture framed and up on the wall and undertaking a guest blogging strategy.

The rule in One Thing is - er - one thing at a time sweet Jesus. So you are "not allowed" to start on a second one until you have successfully completed - or embedded - the first task or goal or habit or given me a good reason why you are abandoning that first thing. We are learning stickability with this project. We are reinventing ourselves as completer/finishers. We are Doing Stuff.

It doesn't really matter what you choose, the One Thing group is all about Getting Stuff Done. It is accountability and focus and death to procrastination. It is a quite unusual way for me to be working with clients. I usually favour a more magical and exploratory way, whereas this is very pragmatic, measured and even somewhat bossy. But, if you want to get something done or ticked off, that's the way to do it. Bossy. One of my clients already calls me Squadron Leader. Wrong Service but hey... who's counting?

I quite relish the opportunity to be bossy actually and, sad to say, this will come as no surprise to my friends and colleagues.


Magic, Coaching and Money

It had been my intention to make it a 3-book 3-day weekend and, in the end, I managed two out of three. Saturday was given over to Tom's book, New Magic for a New Era: How to Live a Charmed Life.

And on Sunday I enjoyed Steve Chandler's 37 Ways to BOOST Your Coaching Practice: PLUS the 17 Lies that Hold Coaches Back and the Truth That Sets Them Free! I love Steve Chandler, for it was he who co-wrote The Prosperous coach with Rich Litvin. What I particularly enjoyed about Steve's Book is the format. He favours the short chapter which is very in keeping with the way I like to read a business-type book, read it tonight, implement it tomorrow. And I find short chapters make a book very readable and the wisdom contained therein speedily available to me. I like the fact that he doesn't labour a point or repeat himself. I am going to model his format when it comes to writing my next book.

My third book choice which I have started but not yet finished is Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want by Kate Northrup. Kate's tale involves creating a residual income for herself very early in life, before she even became a student, with network marketing company USANA. This re-kindled a fascination I have with the network marketing business model about which Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others beside, have often remarked that it is a great way to start to learn about running your own business. Perhaps. And maybe a tad restrictive for me. Creators generally like to invent their own. But certainly MLM or buying a franchise are twos way to go and both give you a How To procedures manual to follow, which many crave.

In those three books I had my favourite topics covered - magic, coaching and money.

I also diligently did the quiz Kate Northrup offered at the start of her book and was happy to discover that things are better than perhaps I'd given myself credit for. Great, since I've been working on this since 2002!

Prior to that, as an accountant, I had been too focused on counting other people's money and neglected building my own net worth, except by happy accident. Now I could see from Kate's quiz results that everything I teach in my Cashflow games is coming true for me too, albeit slowly.

Which brings me to one of the greatest challenges I see around me today. We are all so impatient. We need and want results overnight. No, scratch that... we want results TODAY! Tom's book reminded me that you can make money fast as well as slow and start the flow going immediately, and Kate reminded me that wealth creation can take a little longer, while investments of time and money build and mature.

We can make money as fast as we believe we can. 

What's your biggest challenge when it comes to making money? It's my thing and I'd love to help you with that. And now you have a couple of choices... the enlightened way or the bossy way!

Until next time...




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