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Welcome, new folks!

Hi, there. I've had a number of people join the mailing list recently. I want to make sure everybody gets their free Frosthelm book, Traitors Unseen. If you haven't gotten it, you can get it free here (the site will ask you to sign up for this newsletter, which you're already getting) or here from Smashwords. It's also on Apple BooksKobo, and Barnes & Noble. Please, enjoy with my compliments.

Hello from the road

In a supremely unimportant first for this newsletter, I'm writing to you for the second consecutive time from a place far from my home in North Carolina. After a few years of going hardly anywhere, I've had a bunch of travel over the past 32 days or so, all family related, some for fun, and some to help out. Ten flights, four states (six if you count the ATL and DEN airports), and only four full days at home that whole time. However, I got to eat at the restaurant where my son works for the first time, and we caught a Broadway show (Hadestown), and I've spent some good and (I hope) useful time with family. Needless to say, the many travels have had a negative impact on my writing, but I've been plugging away at my new sci fi novel. It's looking to be a little shorter than some of my previous books, although I won't know for sure until I finish it. I'm hoping to get a draft done within the next two weeks and (maybe!) get it done in time for the upcoming second year of SPSFC. But if I can't get it done right, I'll wait and make it a better book rather than a faster one, and put it out later in the year.

A new cover
As part of that effort, I've commissioned a cover earlier than I usually do in order to get that done. I'm going to hold off on showing the front until I get the title chosen and the typography done right, but I'd like to show you the back (minus the blurb, which I'll write when the book is done). I went with Serene of again, and I really like the style she chose for the alien world where the book takes place. It reminds me of some of the classic sci fi covers of the books I loved as a younger reader, back in the 1980's and 1990's. Consider this a teaser, with the full cover coming in the next newsletter or the one after.

Got Trouble
My thriller, Got Trouble, is still out to agents, although I stopped making new queries about a month and a half ago and have been waiting as the responses trickle in. It takes some agents a while to get through their submissions, and some agents don't reply unless they're interested, so in some cases you never really know if you're going to get a no. I still have a full manuscript out with one agent, and a few that are likely to reply, but I'm about ready to move ahead with publishing this one myself. I got some feedback from an agent (a friend of a friend, somebody who doesn't represent thrillers) that suggested my book might be a little harder to find a traditional publisher for because it straddles some different genres (thriller, domestic suspense, humor, a hint of sci fi) and doesn't have a typical thriller structure (more of a quiet, slower start than a giant action sequence from start to finish). I like the book how it is, and doing a major restructuring on what I think is a fun story in pursuit of the relatively remote chance at a traditional publishing contract is not something I'm excited about here. So unless I get a positive response from somebody soon, I'll go ahead and put it out myself, as I have with all my other novels.

A good month
I also had a good month in terms of revenue in June, bringing in over $350 in royalties from book sales and Kindle Unlimited readers. I spent more than that on advertising and on my new cover, but still, it's nice to see some growth. A major part of that total (a little more than half) was 300+ sales of my box set of three Inquisitors' Guild novels. I ran a launch promotion for that for $0.99 for a week, and a lot of people picked it up. It reached well into the top 100 in a few fantasy categories on Amazon, something I've never had for paid sales (only for free giveaways), so that was nice, too. I'm still figuring out the whole marketing and growth piece of this, but this was a good month for me. The image below shows my daily revenues, with the teal color being the box set.

Some stories to try

I'm part of several author collectives, and we share each other's work to try to help all of us reach more readers. In many cases, the books we share are are free or discounted. Sometimes, they ask that you sign up for a newsletter like this one.

First, I have Blood and Loyalty by Luna Fox and F. Lowberry, in which a rebellious princess sets aside her duties to the throne and goes to study dracomancy, which sounds like a seriously cool subject. The book is the first in a seven-book series, and it's on sale for 99 cents. Have a look!


Second, I have a sci fi adventure, Discovering Your Neihbor by Shane Shepherd.
his is a prequel to one of Shane's multi-part series of short episodes that make up a much longer tale. The Neighbor series involves a mysterious planet that humans discover nearby. Give it a look!


Finally, I have Vallejo Road by T.L. Ryder.  This is a sci fi story about a psychic heretic on the run from religious zealots who want her to serve in their temple. They abduct her daughter, and clearly, that cannot stand. Looks like a lot of fun, and you can get it for free just for a newsletter signup.


I hope some or all of these look like fun to you! Happy reading.


Thanks so much for subscribing. I hope you're finding these newsletters interesting and fun. If there's anything you'd like to know, or anything  you'd like to ask, feel free to drop me a line. Until then, as Ted Lasso says, I appreciate you.

May the Bloodmother watch over you - 


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