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Welcome, new folks!

Hi, there. I've had a number of people join the mailing list recently. I want to make sure everybody gets their free Frosthelm book, Traitors Unseen. If you haven't gotten it, you can get it free here (the site will ask you to sign up for this newsletter, which you're already getting) or here from Smashwords. It's also on Apple BooksKobo, and Barnes & Noble. Please, enjoy with my compliments.

The Daros audiobook

Just a quick update on Daros - the Audiobook is out and doing pretty well - in the first week, I've had 22 sales, most from Audible. Audiobooks are a big and growing market, but they're expensive and time-consuming to produce, so I'll need to get up to a few hundred sales to make back what I invested in the narration. I planned for it to take some time, though, and things are going well so far.

Some of the judges of the SPSFC were talking about wanting to get some of the thirty semifinalists on audio, so I've sent some reviewer codes to some of them. 30 books worth of indie sci fi is a lot to get through in four months, and I'm sure listening to some of them rather than reading is a nice change of pace. Plus, Jennifer's narration is great, so it can only enhance their experience. If you're somebody with a track record of reviewing audiobooks, I'd be happy to send you a reviewer code as well. Just send me a link to your reviewer profile on Audible or Amazon, and I'll hook you up.

The Woeling Lass

The Woeling Lass is nearly ready to go to my copy editor. I've gotten through all of my wife Christina's suggestions, and I'm doing one more run through to address any remaining issues and to add another layer of polish. Here's what that looks like - each sticky tab is something I needed to change or address (except the ones where Christina just liked one of the jokes). The first-draft paper version is what's on the table above, and you can see some of the glory and home decorating triumph that is my basement office space slash storage area.

I've got one more beta reader I want to share it with, but I'll do that along with the copy edit/proofread, and then, barring any major suggestions or changes, it should be good to go. I'm looking at a publication date sometime in the first half of March, and I'm really enjoying going through it again. There are a lot of new characters to meet and a big new mystery (several, really) to solve, and the usual adventures, sword fights, weird magic, and jokes and silly chapter titles. I'm really excited to share it with you.

I am a graph junkie, and I did make a graph while editing the book to keep track of what I needed to do. It's a little silly. This is every chapter plotted by length. The purple line is a running average of the length of nearby chapters. It looks like there are two times where the chapters get long. One is in the middle, when things get a little hairy, and the other is toward the end, when a lot is happening at once. Now, I'm not at all saying that if you look at the graph you don't need to read the book, but it's kind of cool to see how it lays out this way. I'll leave the meaning of the red and blue and green as a mystery for you to figure out later. You're mystery fans, after all, right? :-)

A meaningless accomplishment,                                of which I'm rather proud

This afternoon, while taking a break from editing, I managed to Rule the Universe on my 1995 Attack From Mars pinball machine. That's hard, and I haven't done it for a year or so.

As you might expect, Ruling the Universe is quite difficult - you have to complete six different tasks, one of which is extremely hard (a moving super jackpot, requiring five previous separate set-up jackpots, all during a single multiball), another of which is pretty hard (5 loops in a row), and third one of which just takes a very long time playing and requires a bunch of risky shots up the middle (defeat five saucers and destroy Mars). The other three tasks I probably get done in most of my games, but all six in one game is a real challenge.

The date in the picture is a little off because the clock chip is failing (but that's not bad for a machine built in 1995 - personally, I have declined much more since 1995 than a mere couple weeks of date confusion).

Some stories to try

I'm part of several author collectives, and we share each other's work to try to help all of us reach more readers. In many cases, the books we share are are free or discounted. Sometimes, they ask that you sign up for a newsletter like this one.

This time, I have three different books to share, each in a different genre. First is Tales From Floor Fifty-Four, by Ryan Hunt. This book presents six scary stories from a secret government lab set up to contain paranormal forces. Reviewers praise the originality and scariness of the stories, so if your spine needs tingling, this looks like your thing.

Second, I have What Everyone Fights For, another installment in a huge 17-part serial story, each of which is the length of a shortish novella. Squarely in the military sci fi genre, this series tells the story of a hostile alien species, the Spiders (but they call themselves the Victors, the smug schmucks) and the heroic humans who try to save Earth from their scourge. No question the cover is super cool.

Finally, I have a novella-length story from Merick N.H. Ulrik, Brothers of Chaos, which launches a six-book series of good ol' epic fantasy. This story tells of a friendship between a human and an elf, one that started when they were children, and on which both rely as they come under threat. If that sounds like your kind of thing, please give it a look!


I really appreciate your interest in hearing about my little corner of the sci fi and fantasy world. Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to get your free book from the links above. I hope you and your family and friends are keeping safe during these weird times. Drop me a line any time - I love hearing from readers, and I love suggestions, comments, or questions about any of my books.

May the Bloodmother watch over you - 


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