A Radical Commitment to Self-love and Trust
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This is a one-on-one coaching program for anyone who feels disconnected from their true source of power and wants to get back to the solid ground of trust so they can create a life that feels GOOD.

If this is you, then welcome!

Let me guess.

You're here because you've been feeling off
You're usually so self-assured . . .but lately self-doubt has been eating away at your confidence.
Inner wisdom?
You can't even hear it right now.

I get it.  I've been there.

I know what it's like to feel frozen and immobilized by indecision and uncertainty.  
I've been at the pinnacle of courage and faith only to have (how does that song go?) a landslide take me down.

So don't feel badly if . . .
  • You've being walking on the same old treadmill of mediocrity because it feels too risky to step off and follow your heart
  • You've quit making new memories and are trying to be content with what you've got, even though you truly desire something more
  • You've lost your connection to something higher and have stopped trusting in a power that's bigger than yourself
  • You're so busy sweating the small stuff, that you're missing out on the things that are truly important
  • You're obsessing about events in the future instead of enjoying the here and now
  • You feel angry at yourself for missed opportunities and feel left behind by others who are making their dreams come true
  • You spend more time ruminating about things you have no control over instead of focusing on what you can actually change
  • You've been faking it with bravado and humour while feeling small and scared inside
  • You're worried that this is as good as life gets and are starting to feel apathetic and powerless
  • You're feeling more like a limp dishcloth than the fierce force of strength you know you can be

If you're ready to re-kindle your relationship with TRUST so you can develop a healthy partnership with the Universe  and create a life that feels GOOD, then this coaching program was tailor-made for you!

But before we go any further, let's pause for a moment to acknowledge something.


Fear isn't bad.  

Real fear—true fear—keeps us safe.  It comes up to signal that something important needs our attention.  RIGHT NOW.  True fear puts you into clear awareness of the present moment and gives you laser focus and immediate actions to take.   

Run.  Jump.  Shout.  Stop.

But that's not the fear we're talking about, is it?  We're talking about false fear.  The kind the mind makes up.  The kind that produces a sense of lack and separation, causing a restless, low-grade anxiety
  • the fear of not being good enough
  • the fear of being judged 
  • the fear of being alone
  • the fear of aging
  • the fear of rejection or humiliation
  • the fear of violence or terrorism
  • the fear of trying and falling on your ass
  • the fear of missing out
  • the fear of making the wrong decision
  • the fear of not being liked or approved of
  • the fear of being found out 
  • the fear of taking a chance
  • the fear of losing what you have
  • the fear of the future
  • the fear of being the most out-of-shape person at the party

Are you exhausted yet?

Of course you are!

That's what False Fear does.  It drains you of your vital energy and creativity.  It convinces you that it's TOO LATE and stops you from growing and engaging in a positive way with Life. 

When you're in this kind of fear, you're not really alive.

And that's such a shame.

Your life is supposed to be sweet and juicy! 

That's why I created this program.

Transforming Fear into Fuel will help you strengthen your trust in the Universe, connecting you to your own special brand of magic and give you the energy to go after your dreams.

It will also jump-start the journey from where-you are-now to where-you-want-to-be.

I don't care what your mind is telling you, it's NEVER too late!

So let's start right now. 

It's my mission to help you access a level of self-love and acceptance that will turn your fear into positive expectation.

And here's more good news! Because this is a pilot-program, I'm offering it for less than half the cost of my regular coaching.
$299 CAD

That's 6 private 60-minute one-on-one sessions!

But don't let the reduced price mislead you.  You are not being used as a crash test dummy!  I have years of experience using the methods and coaching tools in this program.  They are tested and transformational and will help you develop a solid connection with your own inner guidance and personal strength.  

I'm just refining and polishing the process.

Think of it this way.  You'll be test-driving a Land Rover with an experienced driver at the wheel.

Working with me means taking a journey deep into your own inner terrain.

It may get bumpy at times, but you're still going to love the ride.


This 6 session program isn't about ACTION.
 (That will come later when you're clear and ready)
 It's about paying attention to the way you feel, tuning into the mind-stories that create doubt and worr
y so you can clean up the infrastructure of your thoughts and get back to the support that is always there for you. 

I don't believe in pushing people off the high-diving board so they can "get over" their fear. I'm not going to ask you to jump out of a plane or approach strangers for money!  But there are some things I'll ask you NOT to do:
  • Jump into goal-setting without having clarity
  • Manipulate others in order to feel better
  • Beat yourself up or try to "fix" yourself (You don't need fixing. You were born perfect and whole.)
  • Fight or try to "overcome" your fear

This program is not about fighting anything.  It's about embracing the source of love inside you and connecting to the power of the Universe so that your fears will dissolve and be absorbed by your own magnificent light.


Together we'll create a space for you to do your important, inner work.  A place where you can be honest without judgment so you can start seeing the emotional-clutter and mind-stories that are keeping you stuck.

That may look like . . .

  • Clarifying Exercises—you'll be amazed at the lightbulbs that pop on when powerful questions are asked
  • Grounding Exercises—the breath connects you to your wisdom and anchors you in the present moment where all your solutions are  
  • Mind-Body Work—yes, this means I'm going to have you FEEL your emotions so you can strengthen your inner awareness and hear the messages of your body
  • Thought Work—we will definitely be questioning any thought or story that causes you pain 
  • Inner Child Connection—no, we won't be re-hashing the past, but we will be getting reacquainted with all your inner-selves—your child, your teenager and your young adult. Because it's kind of important to know who's actually driving the bus
  • Boundary work—understanding what's yours and what's not yours is a fundamental part of this program
  • Metaphor work—the rational part of the brain (hello left hemisphere!) is an incredible tool to be used.  But it was never meant to run the whole show. Many of your answers lie in your subconscious mind and metaphor work opens the door to another side of you that knows more than your logical mind.
  • Laughter—because life is supposed to be fun . . . remember?


  • How to tell the difference between the voice of the mind and the voice of your inner wisdom (hint: one is the source of false fear)
  • How to understand the messages of your emotions so you can take the most empowering action
  • How to take the emotional journey from fear all the way up to the higher feeling states of joy, clarity, knowing and peace
  • How to use your interpretations of circumstances or events to fuel health, happiness and wholeness (instead of self-punishment and victimization)
  • How to respond to the alarm response in the body so you aren't living in survival-mode 24/7

Put all of these superpowers together and you'll have the ability to transform fear into a fierce commitment to your own deep truth.



  • I coach over the phone or by Skype (audio only) so location is never an issue which means, bonus! You can get coached in your jammies!
  • Once you sign up, you'll be directed to my on-line calendar where you can book your first session.  
  • After you've paid the one easy payment through paypal, you'll be sent a quick questionnaire to fill out and send back to me.  Easy!
  • I'll call or Skype you at the appointed time and then we'll ease into our session in a relaxed, conversational way
  • TIP: I always encourage my clients to try to book for the same day and time slot every week if possible until your sessions are done.  It helps develop a rhythm that will give an extra boost to the process. (But please don't worry if this doesn't work for you.)   
$299 CAD


So here's the fine print.  There are no refunds with this program.  You're making a commitment to show up for yourself and having a back-out plan is not beneficial.  

But don't worry!  I'm not an ogre.  If one of life's little surprises makes it impossible to attend any of the sessions right after you've paid, then of course you'll get your money back.

This program consists of 6 coaching sessions that preferably will happen once a week.  I realize this is not always possible but ask that you aim to use all 6 session within 8 weeks. 

 And FYI: Feed-back is part of the bargain!  I'll be asking for your evaluation of the program and any suggestions you may have that could improve it.  (This won't be a lot of work, just a small questionnaire at the end of our 6 sessions).  

Important! Payment Tip: Please confirm your booking after payment.

After selecting the date of your session in my calendar, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. Please click the RETURN BUTTON after paying to view your booking confirmation.

Your booking will not be confirmed until you return.


I'm Kelli Younglove and I'm a Consciousness Coach who is passionate about helping others become aware of the blocks that are keeping them from feeling their inner connection.

Fear and overwhelm? Yep.  I've lived most of my life in those states!  And I know the relief that comes from doing the emotional work required to free myself from those limits.

Believe me, nothing feels as good as finding your way back to your plugged-in, joyful, trusting self!
So if this program feels like a match for you, I encourage you to jump in with both feet.  You'll never regret turning inward to find your answers. And fear should never hold you back from being who you came here to be.




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Kelli has been passionate about self-discovery for more than 20 years, studying (and trying to bridge the gap between) science and spiritual enlightenment, while working hard to heal her disease-to-please (which was cleverly disguised as anxiety)

Her discovery of Martha Beck's work in 2007 changed the course of her life and inspired her to start her own company where she now helps others follow their hearts and re-program their minds so they can create a life that's truly delicious.
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