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You are literally reading this before a single share has been traded; FF trading on the TSX-Venture exchange will have its first day of trading today. I honestly think early investors may be looking at a double or triple in the next few weeks!

I do not want any one of our readers to miss out on this opportunity.

Dear Reader,

I am convinced that First Mining Finance (FF) will be Keith Neumeyer’s 3rd billion-dollar company! It starts on day 1 with 18 assets, gold, silver, lead, copper, and zinc projects in the Americas. With a current market cap of less than $50 million, FF already holds assets that just a few years ago were valued at nearly a quarter billion dollars!

After speaking with Keith Neumeyer about the company, I could barely get any sleep, because I knew I had to get this information to my members as soon as possible.

  • Neumeyer, in 1992, formed First Quantum Minerals… early investors would have turned $5,000 into $225,000!
  • His second company was First Majestic Silver… early investors would have turned $5,000 into $1.4 million!

What I am about to tell you is completely unknown to the investment community, i.e. brokers, analysts, bloggers and other newsletters.

You're getting this alert before even their own investor relations representative has had a chance to market the company.

Two Time-Sensitive Opportunities We Must Consider Right Now

  1. The resource sector itself is at an extreme low
    This is exactly why Keith started this company now. The time was right, and in fact, it's a near mirror image of when he started his last two companies in the early 1990s and early 2000s. Only this time, he is going to get to buy assets even cheaper!
  2. Investors who get in to FF early are going to benefit from both the growth in the company and analyst coverage, as this stock is sure to become a favorite amongst resource investors.

Fortune Favors the Bold

It's no coincidence that at this exact moment, billionaire Eric Sprott, legendary investor Rick Rule, and Keith Neumeyer are coming together to start First Mining Finance.

They are calling it a mineral bank, with the objective to acquire high-quality assets that they are already aware of that are currently owned by distressed companies. Over 60 projects have already been identified by management.

With valuations at a 3-decade low, FF will purchase assets for pennies on the dollar. For shareholders, it's a dream come true: partnering with an A-list management team and some of the biggest deep-pocket investors in the world!

Starting on day 1 with 18 projects, management has leaped First Mining Finance forward, further along on their first day than thousands of other companies will ever get after years of operation.

The Master Business Model for Hard Asset Investors

No Exploration and No Development!

First Mining Finance does not plan to engage in exploration, because they are only buying high-quality projects that already have known mineralization, just like the current 18 projects they already own. Management is buying resources in the ground – not moose pasture.

According to Keith Neumeyer, for the first 2 to 3 years, FF will mainly focus on acquisition. As the portfolio of properties grows, FF's exit strategy will include joint ventures, spinouts, royalties, and equity positions in partners. The goal is generating revenue, and eventually paying out a dividend.

They are building a mineral bank of hard assets, buying them cheap while valuations are low and unlocking shareholder value by capitalizing on what will likely be a company with the best project portfolio in the sector.


I strongly suggest you research this stock today and call your adviser to see if First Mining Finance fits into your overall portfolio strategy.

The bear market in resource stocks has been brutal and it is already setting us up for a new bull market that will have spectacular returns for investors who are buying at these levels.

With people like Keith Neumeyer, Eric Sprott and Rick Rule coming together to launch a mineral acquisition company right now, the timing of you reading this special alert may be perfect. These 3 men combined have likely made more millionaires than any other force on earth!

At under a buck, I consider FF a gift. Don't forget, you are literally reading this before a single share has been traded; FF trading on the TSX-Venture exchange will have its first day of trading today!

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Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

P.S. After the publication of this, I plan to purchase shares within 72 hours. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can read all of our FF updates, as well as learn about other hidden opportunities.

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