Yelp Opportunity for BIA Members

Dear BIA members,

Do you use Yelp or any other mobile applications to drive customers to your business? Customers are becoming more and more tech savvy and we at the Downtown Oakville BIA would like to help businesses become more comfortable using these mediums.

This year we are pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships with digital marketing companies to create additional awareness about downtown Oakville. We’re starting with Yelp.

Yelp has offered to speak with businesses for free, to help you make the most of their app.  If you are interested in speaking with Yelp representative please email Kris Uguccioni, Director of Community and Marketing with Yelp Greater Toronto Area at

There is no cost.

What is Yelp?
Yelp is a website and a mobile app (for smart phones) that helps to connect people to great local businesses (like yours). More and more people are looking for recommendations of great places to eat, shop, and hangout and Yelp provides a place where customers can share their experiences (and pictures). Despite what you might have heard, over 90% of reviews written on Yelp are positive (3 star or higher). This means people would rather share great spots they've been to than share poor experiences.

What’s in it for your business?
There is no cost. This presents an avenue to create free publicity/awareness for your business as well as an alternate way to engage with customers.

Yelp representatives will meet with you in your business to teach you how to use the app. This includes coaching you about how to set up an account and how to engage with customers.

By working with Yelp we gain access to 140,000 users in the GTA, they will send event information through their mailing lists to subscribers, onsite activations by Yelp during downtown Oakville events and increased awareness for downtown Oakville and your business.

What if you get a bad review?
Everyone has a bad day and bad reviews do happen but there are ways to turn a bad review into a loyal customer. Yelp representatives will teach you how to properly answer reviews in a way that will benefit your business.

How is this service free?
This is a free service because we are partnering with the non-sales team. There is a sales team that may call you but there is no pressure to purchase.

Let Yelp explain: “Yelp may make its money from advertising and may even call you from time to time from places like San Francisco, Chicago or New York but they also have a non-sales team (call them the fun team) here on the ground whose sole purpose is to find FREE event and marketing program based ways to bring awareness to great local business. The local GTA team is headed up by Kris Uguccioni (Marketing Director) and works with business owners to coach them on how to use the Free tools Yelp provides (at to help them manage their business account online as.”

If interested in speaking to a Yelp representative please email Kris Uguccioni, Director of Community and Marketing with Yelp Greater Toronto Area at
Thank you,

Jennifer Cain
Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
905-844-4520 (x.10)
fax: 905-844-1154