Rain or Shine for Midnight Madness

Hello Members,
I’m sure, like we are here in the office, anxiously looking at the weather for tomorrow evening. While we are certainly hopeful that any rain comes and goes quickly we’ve yet to discover the secret to control Mother Nature and therefore we must be prepared.
Midnight Madness is a rain or shine event. 

We will only cancel the event if it is not safe to continue; that decision would be made on the night of based on feedback from police, committee, Town, and weather radar evidence that any severe weather is not going to let up, and is risking the safety of participants. Our first approach during severe weather is to ‘baton down the hatches’ and wait it out, as severe weather will often pass quickly. If it is simply raining but not lightening (or other weather severe enough to be a safety concern (i.e. extreme winds)), the event will continue. 

We have plans to provide some rain coverage over entertainment areas and encourage you to also have a strategy for rain, be it pulling your racks inside, having tents in place (see below on tent requirements), or otherwise. 
This size of event is not something that can be ‘moved’ to another date – to have that as a ‘back-up’ plan means hiring every aspect of the event (police, production, road closure, artists, etc) for a second date ahead of time – this would equate to committing to the cost of these elements months in advance, essentially doubling the cost of the event, which is just not feasible. The associated costs would have to be committed to weeks in advance, which is not feasible.
We know this is an important night for everyone, and that it is disappointing when weather does not cooperate. We appreciate everyone’s understanding that a ‘rain date’ is just not feasible.
If you are preparing to have a tent, please note the following:
  1. Tents MUST be weighed down with a minimum of 5lb at each leg
  2. Weights must be physically attached to the tent frame (tied to leg or tied to upper canopy frame, etc).  Simply sitting a weight next to a tent leg will not suffice.
  3. High winds often mean it’s not ‘tent weather’.  In other words, while we may want tents for rain protection, if winds are severe it may be best to just move your items indoors, only leaving out what can afford to get wet.
Thank you,

Jennifer Cain
Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
phone: 905-844-4520 (x.10)
fax: 905-844-1154