Downtown Streetscape update

Dear BIA Members,

Town Staff presented four reports to the board this week pertaining to the Downtown Plan:
  1. Downtown Plan (i.e. Streetscape) Implementation
  2. Downtown Parking Strategy
  3. Downtown Cultural Hub Master Plan
  4. Downtown Retail Action Plan
These reports and their appendices are all available for you to view on our website in the Member’s Info Reports section

The BIA Board is seeking member input on these reports, specifically on the Downtown Plan Implementation. 

Please review reports and/or summary below and share your input by completing this one question survey as soon as possible.

Quick response greatly appreciated.  We would like to hear from all members; it's a very quick, short survey.

In the report ‘Downtown Plan Implementation’, Town Staff have highlighted the following construction implementation options:
  1. OPTION 1 - Begin construction in 2019, full streetscape renewal.  This is what Town Staff are recommending to council.  This would be an 18 month construction period (split between two construction seasons, with phasing so only portion of downtown under construction at one time) and include full streetscape plans
  2. OPTION 2 - Rehabilitate roadbed only, starting in 2017, defer rest of streetscape work to later date.  This would be a 16 week construction period, would only fix the roadbed, and would not include any new materials or changes to the rest of the sidewalks, road configuration or new street furnishings.  May mean there is a need to come back in periodically to repair elements that would not be addressed in this scenario such as sidewalk/boulevard issues, underground utility lines, streetlight painting, etc.
  3. OPTION 3 - Begin construction in 2017, full streetscape renewal.  This would be an 18 month construction period (split between two construction seasons, with phasing so only portion of downtown under construction at one time) and include full streetscape plans
Note that town staff have recommended Option 1.  Please also note that while we have the opportunity to provide feedback for council to factor in when making their decision, they will be gathering feedback from other sources as well.  In other words, while we may state our preference, this does not guarantee that is what will ultimately the selected option.

These reports will be presented to the Planning and Development Council on October 5, 7:00pm at Town Hall, where P&D committee will hear delegations. 

The BIA will be there to delegate. You have the option to attend the meeting - the more people we have the more impact we have.

You also have the option to delegate on your own.  To do so, simply register your interest to delegate with the Town Clerk at by noon on Oct 5, or alternately by indicating your intention to speak when the floor is opened by the Chair to delegations during the meeting.  Council decisions will be asked to be held until November, to allow groups such as ours time to collect feedback from their members.
Parking update:

The town staff report ‘Parking Strategy’ indicates that they reviewed two options:
  1. Option 1 – build garage on Lot 2, approx. net gain of 239 spaces, annual deficit to parking operations of $900,000/year
  2. Option 2 – build two levels of underground parking below a larger section of downtown (under Lot 2, post office site, roadways between), approx. net gain of 269 spaces, annual deficit to parking operations of $200,000/year
As both options create an annual deficit for the town parking operations, town staff are recommending that they look into alternate options to create 150-200 additional parking spaces and consider including parking garage build when building the Cultural Hub (at this point no dates discussed for cultural hub).

The BIA will be delegating to request reconsideration and that better parking solutions be implemented as soon as possible.

As always, feel free to contact the office with any questions.

Thank you,

Sharlene Plewman
Executive Director
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
phone: 905-844-4520 (x.11)
fax: 905-844-1154