Survey - Towne Square Redesign

Dear BIA members,

We strongly encourage you to please complete this very quick survey to share your ideas and opinions on the Towne Square redesign. 

With the proposed revitalization of our downtown, we have an excellent opportunity to redefine our future. A key part of the revitalization project is the Towne Square.

As you know, the Town has been working through several options to assess what could be the highest best use for this space in a re-imagined Towne Square. To achieve this, the Town is eager to get feedback from key stakeholders.  The latest, unapproved plans can be viewed here.

To ensure an outcome that represents the highest best result for everyone's interest we strongly encourage you fill out the survey. Our voice is stronger together and in abundance.  All surveys will be kept in strictest of confidence and the aggregated results used to provide input to the final design.

Please note that in balance this is a very small space and there is an unconfirmed budget. Ratings below will assist the designers to establish a hierarchy of priorities for which in balance a final design can reflect the highest best wishes of all.

Saying this know that each one of the questions comes with implications. For example if you favour a design with more permanent ‘park like setting’ it may then not be as flexible – if you favour a prominent centre piece (that is not removable and/or able to be turned on/off) this will have implications and trade offs to other features.

Overall the goal is to create a space that is extraordinary, is uniquely Oakville, and will serve as a draw and gathering place for years to come.

Paper surveys will be available for those who prefer.  If you have a paper survey you can either return it to the BIA office or ask for it to be picked up.

Feel free to contact the BIA office with any questions.

Thank you,

Sharlene Plewman
Executive Director
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
905-844-4520 x11

Date: December 5, 2018