Reynolds & Allan Construction Update

Dear BIA members,

This is to provide an update on the construction occurring on Reynolds and Allan Streets.  

As you may have noticed, Halton Region began their work on the wastewater on Reynolds street yesterday.  It started in that section much sooner than we were informed of; my apologies that we therefore were not able to give notice of the closure.  Based on information they provided to us yesterday, the timing of the construction is currently scheduled as follows (weather and other factors may cause deviations from this schedule).

1. Reynolds south of Lakeshore will have restricted vehicle access between now and Friday October 12.  Likely closed to vehicles from Saturday Oct 6 to Friday Oct 12, with open or flagged access Oct 4 - 5.  They are striving to finish and open access sooner, and will have it flagged vs. closed when possible. 

2. Reynolds south of Lakeshore will be closed to vehicle traffic again for approximately four days for repaving of that section starting in approximately two weeks.  
NOTE: Access to parking lots in the area will be allowed by asking the flag staff to grant entry (so long as physical access is not restricted or unsafe).  Access to parking lots during paving may be more restricted.

3. Reynolds north of Lakeshore will be closed to vehicle traffic starting in approximately two weeks' time (~ Oct 18), for an approximate three-week period.  The closure may be intermittent, with flagged or full access granted whenever possible.  This will include completing the paving, barring unforeseen disruptions.  As above, they are striving to finish more quickly if possible.
NOTE: Access to private driveways in the area will be allowed by asking the flag staff to grant entry (so long as physical access is not restricted or unsafe).  Access to private driveways during paving may be more restricted.

4. Allan Street will have flagged access starting in a couple weeks - exact timing has yet to be disclosed to us.

5. Water connections and thus shut offs will be required on Allan Street.  We have notified Halton Region of the businesses operating hours (including our knowledge of any before/after hours work (e.g. Jubilee early morning food prep), however if any business feels you may do work at hours we would likely not be aware of, or any other concerns or questions regarding water shut off please contact the BIA Office or Halton Region at 311).  Halton Region is to provide advance notice of water shut off times to all businesses on Allan Street.

We have had discussions at length with Halton Region and the Town regarding the timing of this work, and that, while no time is ideal, it is an extremely difficult time, leading into the holiday season, to have disruptions to businesses.  They did look into alternative timing but none were feasible given coordination with other work in the area, as well as restrictions with how this project had to be phased (working from low to high point).  They are working weekends and trying to arrange for extra crews to finish the work as quickly as possible.

As always, please feel free to contact the BIA office with any questions.

Thank you,

Sharlene Plewman 
Executive Director
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
905-844-4520 x11

Date: October 4, 2018