CHCH Opportunity - Christmas

Dear BIA Members,

On December 9th, Downtown Oakville will be featured on CHCH television ‘Lori Live on Location” during their Morning Live show with 6 segments being featured throughout the morning.  Filming will take place at A.H. Wilkens Auctions and Appraisals (located in towne square), and as with all television opportunities, we look forward to being able to include as many Downtown businesses as possible. 

We want to highlight your business!

Sharlene will be speaking with their host about upcoming Christmas events and shopping/services available in downtown Oakville.

The following types of businesses will be covered during the interview:
1) Retail (Men's) - highlighting products that make good gifts (we are looking for loaned products, that will be returned, 3-5 products/businesses featured)
2) Retail (Women's) - highlighting products that make good gifts (we are looking for loaned products, that will be returned, 3-5 products/businesses featured)
3) Hair Salon to feature quick and easy holiday hairstyles the viewers could try at home for Christmas/holiday parties (We are looking for a salon to provide a stylist and if possible, please provide a hair model, for two-minute segment)
4) Specialty foods - treats or unique hostess gift ideas that set the giver apart from those all bringing wine (If your item is packaged, we will return; if the item is ‘instantly perishable’ i.e. food not packaged, like baked goods, unpackaged chocolate, etc. that couldn’t be sold once they leave the store, we will of course not be able to return these items in saleable condition, given food safety standards)

Your product will be described (and business name stated) during the segment, with approximately 30 seconds dedicated to each business, within the above listed 2-minute segments (i.e. we can talk about approx. 4 items/businesses per segment). As always with live TV, the hosts direct discussions, so there are no guarantees of length of product exposure, and no guarantees that the product will make it on the show. Sharlene will represent each product based on descriptions you provide. If more businesses offer product than we can showcase, we will put the items up for consideration into a random draw to make selection as fair as possible.

This is an easy opportunity to take advantage of.  We simply need to borrow your Christmas item from Tuesday, December 8th to Wednesday December 9th at approximately 12:00pm, at which time the product will be returned, unused, to your store (unless it is “perishable” as soon as it leaves the store, as per above – we are open to discussing how we may handle these types of products with you one on one)

If you would like to have one of your products/services highlighted, please email back with your business name, suggested product/service to feature, and short blurb or bullet points about that product by Friday, November 27th at 5pm.  Products will be selected and businesses notified on Monday, December 30th.

Note that if your product comes in packaging it may be required for us to take it out of the packaging to properly showcase the item.  Depending on the type of packaging we cannot guarantee that it will go back in the packaging exactly as it was before.  When we pick up the item we may ask that you remove the item from its packaging.

This is essentially free exposure for your business and products/services.  We have had great response to our CHCH segments, with customers coming in to businesses that day and in the days following to inquire about the items they saw.  CHCH reaches well outside of Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton - we've had responses from people in Owen Sound, Welland, St. Catharines, Sudbury and beyond.

Our many thanks to everyone who offers to participate!!
Thank you,

Jennifer Cain
Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
phone: 905-844-4520 (x.10)
fax: 905-844-1154