Church St. Conversion Update

Dear BIA members,

The Town has provided us with the following update this morning, on the two-way conversion of Church Street.  Also, they have advised us that parking permit holders will be provided temporary alternative parking should their permit spaces be disrupted during the paving and conversion.  The Parking Department will be reaching out directly to permit holders.  

If you have any questions about the work do not hesitate to contact the BIA office, or Mary Vallee, Sr. Liaison and Communications, Downtown Projects:

Saturday, October 27
Complete the traffic signal switchover for Trafalgar and Church as well as Trafalgar and Randall.  (Note, some traffic signal poles are temporary (wooden ones) and will be replaced in the coming months)
Monday, October 29
Starting 7am, barrel style pylons to be placed on the north and south side of Church Street to block parking on both sides (as they need cars off the road to pave; access to parking lots maintained), followed by 50mm grinding on Church St, keeping one east bound lane open to traffic at all times. All parking meters will be bagged the night before. A white dashed line along the centerline of Church will be required by the time Church is fully grinded, as well as two lines of barrels, one on each side barricading parking will be required. A pay duty officer will be present that day.
Tuesday, October 30
Manholes that require adjustments will be adjusted. All pylons to be maintained from the day before.
Wednesday, October 31
Starting 7am, HL1 asphalt paving begin. Line painters to follow pavers and pre-mark all lines starting with parking stalls. Similar to milling, at least one east bound lane to be maintained at all times. A pay duty officer will be present. Once able to, line painters to begin and complete all permanent line paintings during the day. There will be no night work required. Please note that Church Street is still to act as one way, and not as 2-way. Pylons will need to be placed blocking the entire north lane (new westbound) on Church. Vehicles will only be able to drive on the south lane (Westbound, existing).
Thursday, November 1
Sign removal/ installation to take place Thursday morning. Remove all pylons as soon as signage work is complete. Once pylons are removed, Church Street will be opened as 2-way.

Thank you,

Sharlene Plewman
Executive Director
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
905-844-4520 x11

Date: Oct 29, 2018