Summer Plans Summary

Dear BIA Members,

As there are many new initiatives and developments of ongoing discussions, we've created a summary of 'what's happening' below. 

We are excited to announce a number of initiatives coming up this summer.  Many of these initiatives involve greater detail so please watch for upcoming emails with more information on the new initiatives and how to get involved. 

(click link to see details below)
1. Patios/Outdoor displays
2. Farmer's Market - Every Saturday, June - Oct
3. Plein Air Painting - Every Sunday in June
4. Pop-up events
5. Sidewalk Sale - June 11-14, advertising extended hours
6. PanAm Torch Relay - June 23
7. Pay-by-plate meter updates
8. Flowers
9. Grass at Towne Square

1. Patios/outdoor displays:  The patio/outdoor display pilot program returns (as planned) for it's second year, (whereby you have the opportunity to use town land in front of your building (including option of parking space) for patio or outdoor display purposes at reduced fees from standard rates).  We're pleased to announce that, based on feedback the BIA provided the town that the fees proposed for use of a parking space were prohibitive, Council approved waiver of those fees for 2015 and 2016. If you would like more information on this project please contact the BIA.
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2. Farmer's Market:  We are pleased to announce that there will be a farmer's market in Centennial Square every Saturday from 8am-2pm, from June 6 - Oct 31.  This is a Town of Oakville initiative as part of building the downtown's presence as a Cultural Hub in advance of the re-build of the theater/gallery/library.  If you are a food, bakery, or floral based business you have the opportunity to be involved.  More information will be provided via separate email.  We've heard from customers and members alike of a desire for a market downtown and look forward to having another reason for people to come downtown.  As this is a town-led initiative it is not using any BIA funds.
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3. Plein Air Painting: The BIA is excited to partner with the Oakville Arts Society to provide Plein Air Painting throughout downtown every Sunday in June from 10am - 3pm.  Plein Air Painting is when artists take their canvases outdoors to paint the landscapes and activity around them, or gather inspiration from being outdoors.  The artists will be spread throughout the downtown working on their artwork, creating an enjoyable visual for our visitors.
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4. Cultural Hub pop-up events: As a further extension of the Cultural Hub plans, the Town of Oakville will be hosting other pop-up events and mini-workshops throughout the summer both in the downtown and Lakeside park.  There will be opportunities for arts & crafts, dance, sport and similar businesses to get involved as a way to showcase and market your business.  More information will be provided via separate email.  These pop-up events are a wonderful support of our goal to have more frequent, smaller animation throughout the downtown.
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5. Sidewalk Sale, June 11-14: We're excited to be partnering with ArtHouse who will be providing entertainment throughout the downtown during sidewalk sale.  Also, as a reminder, as per the survey held at the beginning of the year showing majority support for extended hours during sidewalk sale, we will be advertising that stores are open late as part of our advertising campaign for the sale.  We suggest remaining open until 9pm on Thursday & Friday, and 7pm on Saturday (but will not be listing exact hours in any advertising).  More details on Sidewalk Sale to follow under separate email.
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6. PanAm Torch Relay, June 23: The PanAm Torch relay will not only be coming right through downtown (no street closures), but will be stopping at Centennial Square for ceremonial services and media photo opportunity, so will be attracting visitors downtown that afternoon.  More details will follow under separate email.
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7. Pay-by-plate parking meters update: As a result of feedback from the BIA to the town on the concerns about the challenging user-interface on the new pay-by-plate meters and frustration this is causing our customers the town will be implementing the following changes:
  • Temporary larger-font, easier to follow instructions have already been placed on all machines.  These will be adjusted to suit the below changes to the process of using the machine.
  • 'Valid' button will be changed to 'OK'
  • Signage on the receipt and within the lots will indicate that there is no need to place the receipt on the dash.  Once you've paid, you just walk away.
  • Signage on the lots will indicate the need to have your license plate to pay, to help prevent people getting all the way to the machine without noting their plate number.
  • The 'Validate Standard Rights' step will be changed.  That the machines cannot remove this step, but it will instead confirm that the customer is choosing hourly parking, so less confusing for the customers
  • As a reminder, in the future these machines will allow customers to pay via their phone, both at the time of payment and if they need to add time to their meter while they're out and about in downtown.  No time-frames yet for introduction this option.
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8. Flowers: As per previous years, the flower planters and hanging baskets will be installed at the end of May.  The current hanging baskets in Towne Square are bonus baskets provided by the Town (at no cost to the BIA) to add some colour throughout the spring, which was a pleasant surprise.  This year the planters will have two levels of flowers and the barrels have been painted to provide a fresher look, with plans for new planters for 2016.
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9. Grass at Towne Square:  The BIA is working with the town to install new sod at the Towne Square.
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Phew - there's a lot going on!  Please watch your inbox for more details on the above initiatives.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Sharlene Plewman
Executive Director
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
phone: 905-844-4520 (x.11)
fax: 905-844-1154
visit for more details!