Midnight Madness Logistics

Dear BIA Members,

July 17, 2015

Road Closures
  • Parking meters will be bagged starting at 1:00pm
  • All cars must be moved off of Lakeshore Road East by 4:00pm
  • Tip- Please be sure to communicate this to your customers in case they have been downtown since before 1:00pm
  • Staff vehicles must also be moved by 4:00pm from the mapped area
  • Specific areas will be used for staging for production/entertainment
  • Tip- Please respect these spaces and keep items clear to help the flow of the setup and activity on the street to make it easier for everyone
  • Set-up may begin no earlier than 5:30pm, any time prior will be at risk for fines by the Town of Oakville
  • Please set up only in your designated area (as indicated on your participation form and at the designated time)
  • Tip- Please leave 5 feet from your building to the edge of the sidewalk for patrons to walk by and all wiring must be taped down and covered to ensure safety and prevent tripping
  • Community groups will be setting up at 5:30pm in the location designated by the BIA
  • Extra washrooms will be located in parking spaces on side streets and garbage facilities will be on hand throughout the area
BIA Support
  • The BIA office will be manned during the event to take your calls
  • Calls will be prioritized and responded to in that sequence
  • Please keep in mind that we have a limited staff and volunteers, we will respond as quickly as possible
  • Halton Region Police and Saint John’s Ambulance will be in attendance
  • Volunteers will be supporting production, attendees and BIA office/event logistics
  • Teardown may begin at midnight and completed by 1:00am
  • All items pertaining to the event must be removed from the street by 1:00am or are at risk for receiving a fine from the Town of Oakville
  • Tear-down items include: tables, tents, shopping bags, garbage, food displays, retail items, decorations etc.
  • The street is to look as it does pre-event
  • Tip – If we all clean our own area we can quickly complete the tear-down to achieve the following 
    • Ensure we are ready for the street to reopen
    • Business can continue without the impact from the event
    • Keep the street beautiful for Saturday customers
  • The night will proceed rain or shine 
  • We must cancel all acts if there is lightening

  • All tents must be weighed down safely with weights, water bags or sand (the Town will be checking the safety of tents and if they are not properly secured you may be asked to take your tent down)
  • Set ups with BBQs must have fire extinguisher near BBQ - this must be separate from your store/restaurant extinguisher (ie. can't move inside extinguisher)                       
  • Sidewalks must have 5 feet width of clear walkway
  • Contact Police at the first sign of potential crowd management/behaviour issues
In addition to this email, if you filled out a participation form you will receive your business’ Midnight Madness Information Sheet, Permit and Map (map provided if you are not in front of your own business) by email and hard copy dropped off at your business.

If you have any questions, please contact the BIA office at 905-844-4520 or by email.

We look forward to your participation, and appreciate your contribution in making this event the best one yet!

Thank you,
Sharlene, Brittany, Jennifer and Jenny

Jennifer Cain
Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
phone: 905-844-4520 (x.10)
fax: 905-844-1154