Downtown Oakville Wishing Trees

Dear BIA Members,
Let’s spread the wishing spirit with Downtown Oakville Wishing Trees!
This year, the BIA is trying something different as part of the Christmas campaign.  We will be delivering postcards to your businesses (as well as direct mailing them to over 18,000 residents) that provide not only information about the upcoming events, but also come with a removable ‘ornament’ in support of our new ‘Wishing Trees’ campaign. 
People will be able to write a wish on the back of the ornament and hang it on one of our six wishing trees in Towne Square (separate from the main Christmas tree).  For every wish hung the Downtown Oakville BIA will donate $1 to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Up to a maximum of $1500.
The desire is that those who receive the postcard in the mail will be encouraged to come downtown to hang their wish, and that those who pick up the postcard in your shop will add to the trees to build the excitement of momentum of this initiative, such that it gets people talking about Downtown.
We will bring postcards by to your business for customers to pick up (whenever you need more, just email us).
There are 6 trees in front of Towne Square (separate from the main Christmas tree) for customers to display their wishes on for the season (signage coming soon).
Step 1: Pop out the ornament shape
Step 2: Write a wish on the back of the ornament
Step 3: Hang your wish on the Downtown Oakville Wishing Trees (located in Towne Square near the clock; markers and ribbon also available at Towne Square)
Please encourage your customers to share their wishes on our Wishing Trees in Towne Square until Christmas. By sharing their wishes, they will also help make a child’s wish come true too!
We have tested the ornaments in the rain and they hold up surprisingly well.  We will be monitoring the trees to ensure they are in good condition and to track numbers of ornaments.  The BIA cannot guarantee how long the wishes will be on display. The BIA reserves the right to remove any wishes that are deemed inappropriate or otherwise need to be removed.
The Children Wish Foundation works with the community to provide children between the ages of 3 and 17 coping with life threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish. For more information on Children’s Wish please visit  This foundation was selected not only for the complement to the campaign but also given their strong social media presence and their ability to help spread the word on the initiative.
Note: Given that the wishing tree postcard includes all the event information we will not be handing out Christmas posters this year.  We encourage you to have the postcards at point of sale or somewhere convenient for customers to see.  You will be receiving an RBC Skate in the Square poster.   We wanted to avoid ‘poster overload’ in your windows.

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As always please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Jennifer Cain
Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Downtown Oakville Business Improvement Area
146 Lakeshore Road East (2nd Floor - West Office)
905-844-4520 (x.10)
fax: 905-844-1154