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Happy 2017, folks! How are your resolutions holding up? We’ve been immersing ourselves in all that’s new for the year ahead, including this list of the hottest health trends. While we may not be experimenting with cryotherapy anytime soon (winter is cold enough, thanks) we’re all about the growing trend toward prioritizing sleep. We hope you’re getting enough shut-eye too.

For your bedtime reading, info we thought was noteworthy this month:

Figuring out Facebook
Facebook has become a bit of a quagmire of late. With algorithm changes and a sea of competition, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out and inspire engagement. Content marketing tool BuzzSumo conducted research on what performs best on the platform, and some of what they found is surprising. For example, content posted at off-peak times of day (late at night and on Sundays) garners more engagement, on average. Proof positive that everyone is feverishly thumbing through their social feeds at bedtime. 
(The Drum)

Go ahead and have a cocktail
Ernest Hemingway is almost as famous for his raging alcoholism as he is for his brilliant prose. So it should come as no surprise that the author is credited with the now-legendary advice to “write drunk, edit sober.” His tipsy tip (hehe) could actually be valid, says writing blog The Expert Editor. They parsed the science to find that, indeed, the slightly inebriated brain might be more open to creativity than the straight-and-narrow one. But get too sloshed, and you’ll be churning out nonsense. This infographic breaks down all you need to know in, shall we say, sobering detail. 
(Fast Company)

Consumers' paths to purchase
Anyone who has ever plunged down the rabbit hole that is Google search (that is, all of us) knows how frenetic browsing behaviour can be. You might start out searching for the best hotels in L.A. and end up buying a whole new wardrobe for your trip. (Just, you know, as an example.) For marketers, this often convoluted digital journey offers myriad points to capture a user’s attention. Think with Google offers recommendations on how to attract consumers as they search, based on clickstream data depicting seven different user paths to purchase.
(Think with Google)

Virtual reality: it’s not just for gamers and Star Trek fans anymore. (Sorry, guys.) Augmented reality has made its way to the mainstream and businesses are thinking of innovative ways to use it. Take the CEO of Accenture, who beams his hologram to meetings worldwide. Sure, it’s flashy. But it’s also the start of a growing tech industry – just imagine how consumers could engage with immersive content experiences. This Canadian Business piece gives us a peek at what’s coming. 
(Canadian Business)

Why engagement is so hot right now
Pageviews and uniques are so 2000-and-late. The new measure of success is engagement, and companies are invested in learning more about how their audiences read, watch and use their content. Tools that measure audience sentiment can help publishers analyze engagement data and use it to inspire everything from headlines to posting times to entirely new creative endeavours – as was the case when Netflix decided to back the US remake of House of Cards. Fascinating stuff. 
(the Media Briefing)

Not-so humblebrags:
Jenn wrote this profile about marijuana activist and entrepreneur Jodie Emery for the final print issue of Flare

Kat went on a road trip in Iceland and wrote about it for CAA Magazine. (Flip to page 10.) Spoiler: she saw a play in a fish freezer. Not for cryotherapy purposes.  

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