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February 2021
Something I've been rethinking lately is the purpose of a university. I used to believe the primary goal was to teach skills, but now I see it as promoting the pursuit of knowledge. The role of higher education in society is to stoke curiosity, fuel discovery, foster debate, encourage critical thinking, and develop the next generation into more sophisticated learners.

That's the focus of Think Again, which launches Tuesday. I'd love to start answering your questions about rethinking our opinions, opening other's minds, and creating cultures of learning. Submit them to Wondering here.

In the meantime, for a sneak preview of the book:

1. Read: The Science of Reasoning with Unreasonable People (NYT)

In an argument, our first instinct is often to preach ("I'm right!") and prosecute ("You're wrong!"), but these approaches rarely open anyone's mind. Instead of aiming to score points in a debate, what if you treated it like an interview? Your role is to ask questions that help people consider their own reasons for change.

2. Watch: Adam Grant Wants Everyone to Reconsider Their Assumptions (Today Show)

Beware of the “I’m-not-biased” bias: recognizing the flaws in other people’s thinking but assuming you’re immune to them. If knowledge is power, knowing what you don't know is wisdom.

3. Listen: JJ Abrams Takes My Job (WorkLife)

JJ turns the tables to interview me about strategies for maintaining humility, curiosity, and mental flexibility in a world that rewards confidence, conviction, and foolish consistency. He also shares some of his favorite rethinking moments from writing "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," producing "Lost," and directing an episode of "The Office."

Hope to see some of you at one of the events on my virtual tour.

In solidarity,
Adam Grant, Ph.D.
Organizational psychologist at Wharton, author of THINK AGAIN, ORIGINALS, GIVE AND TAKE, and OPTION B, and host of WorkLife, a TED original podcast
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