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August 2021
Resting is not a waste of time. It's an investment in well-being.
Relaxing is not a sign of laziness. It's a source of energy.
Breaks are not a distraction. They're a chance to refocus attention.

What's captured my attention this summer:

1. Why is it so hard to be rational? (Joshua Rothman, New Yorker)
Rationalizing is searching for justifications after you've reached an opinion or decision. Rationality is seeking the best logic and data before you commit—and staying open to changing your mind.

2. Don't call people outcall them in (Loretta Ross, TED)
A Smith College professor offers a compelling alternative to cancel culture. "Fighting hate should be fun," Ross says. "It's being a hater that sucks."

3. Kill the 5-day work week (Joe Pinsker, Atlantic)
The case for the 4-day work week continues to build:
-Focus improves: we spend 35% less time on nonwork websites -Efficiency climbs: we work smarter and waste less time in meetings
-Life gets better: we have more time for leisure, connection, reflection

4. No worries if not! (Natalya Lobanova, New Yorker)

From my desk We had a rollicking conversation about finding harmony between creativity and productivity—and rhythm between work and life. We also discussed taking big risks on big stages and the challenges of fitting in when you stand out.

6. The 10 new books to wrap up summer and kick off fall
My favorite new releases for August and September explore time management, motivation and resilience, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, power, and leadership and management.

In solidarity,
Adam Grant, Ph.D.
Organizational psychologist at Wharton, author of THINK AGAIN, ORIGINALS, GIVE AND TAKE, and OPTION B, and host of WorkLife, a TED original podcast
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