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Mission LA Report

From left: Zac Linton, Wesley Hall, Zack Surunis, Aaron Hong, Michael Olson.

Mission LA was a success!

We saw a confirmed salvation of a young man on campus. Another young man received the Holy Spirit. Lastly, a number of other students who were hungry were introduced to and connected with THE WAREHOUSE an on campus ministry at University of Southern California. We also had a very powerful time of preaching and prophetic ministry to the young adults at HROCK church where many came under the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you all for your prayers!
Beautiful California Coastline on our drive down. We had a number of cool encounters on the road. We shared the gospel with a few people at gas stations along the way and even at IN-N-OUT!
The is the Hall family who live in Los Angeles. Wesley and his wife Rachel were incredible hosts. They are also there with their little son Samuel (prophet in training).
We worshiped at HROCK church that Sunday.

"The Mission LA trip was an opportunity for me to finally do something with my friend Zac. I know this whole time I’ve always wanted to do something with Zac, whether it was camping or a mission trip. Another reason I wanted to come on this trip was to see God move in a supernatural way. I don’t come from a charismatic background and knowing that I’ll be spending lots of time with other charismatic Christians, I wanted to see for myself the different workings of the Holy Spirit. I guess you can say that I came on this trip with pretty high expectations and with an expectant heart, so I don’t think those expectations were exceeded. However, I do feel like my faith was expanded, especially through talking with different people and their experiences and their foray into the supernatural.
Also, what was the thing that expanded my faith the most and also the most challenging was the times of giving prophetic words. There was a time on Sunday when we were with a small group of brothers and sisters who we gave prophetic words to. I particularly had a hard time coming up with anything, and most of the time I felt like I was drawing a blank. However, I just did my best. It was probably one of the most challenging parts of the trip. However, I was really encouraged with my conversation with Eugune, one of the brothers who was there, who said that the prophetic words we gave were spot on, not just for him but for the others too. I had happened to just give him a verse that had popped into my mind, without knowing how spot on it was for him until the last day where we shared with each other. Hearing his feedback was very encouraging and helped expand my faith.
Besides that being one of the most memorable times, I think another was fellowshipping with Wesley and Rachel Hall. We had such an encouraging and fun time evangelizing on campus, eating together, praying with each other, and more. They are such a wonderful couple. Their hard work and heart for the USC campus really touched me too."
This is called "New Wine at Nine." It's the public reading of scripture and worship on the University of Southern California campus. It is led by a gentleman named Leo and assisted by Wesley Hall. So we joined them Monday morning.
This is the university main drag and has a constant flow of students coming and going.
After the new wine at nine time, I began open air preaching to students who were passing by. One guy stopped and video recorded me for about five minutes. During the preaching the young man above was compelled to come talk to us. His name was Moises and after some discussion about Christ, we prayed with him to receive the Holy Spirit.
This is the administrative building on campus. USC was founded by the Methodists and was dedicated to "The Glory of God" by raising up responsible citizens. The statute on the left is John Wesley preaching. Glory!

"I wanted to come on the missions trip to LA because Jesus Christ has revealed to me His existence and that He is real so now I've given my life over to Him to do what He commands: And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. (‭Matthew‬ ‭28‬:‭18-20‬ NKJV). I was invited to come to LA by my mentor Zac Linton and thought this was a great opportunity to share what Christ has done in my life and lead people to their salvation.
I expected to see people hear about Christ and I expected that God would use me in a higher concentration evangelistically since I was going there by faith relying on His leading. Also myself, Aaron Hong and Zac Linton fasted for the mission so I expected salvations and overall for the Holy Spirit's power to manifest.
Basically the whole time I felt the presence of God really with us and people really responded in a positive way to the message of Jesus Christ. The Lord gave me visions and dreams leading up to the missions trip which came to pass while in LA. Also, God gave me many visions about people to whom I ministered which they confirmed were accurate visions. This was so exciting that God moved through me in that way to touch people and reveal Himself to us.
Being Christ-like takes a constant effort, and I feel like on the mission trip there was heightened growth in my obedience to Christ because it's like I set aside 4 days to be totally used by God, and it raises your awareness of ungodly human traits which are a part of the flesh. Because I was there for God's purpose I really wanted to remain true and keep my heart right, which I usually do but even more so when you're away from home on a mission for God. I feel like I developed more self-control, love, and faith in Christ and His Spirit.
There was a challenge that arose regarding family right when we left and I believe it was Satan trying to distract and stir up my emotions to block what God was doing. But this just developed more faith in God and it was a good lesson on spiritual warfare and how it manifests when God uses you. But He is always greater and victorious over evil. Furthermore, in my hardship I was ministered to and got to see the Christ-like qualities in others and experience the love of God cover over me.

The most memorable part of the trip was when Zac Linton was preaching a message God gave him which was a hard truthful message to preach, but he was obedient and as he was wrapping up the service, people were hit mightily with The Holy Spirit and were sobbing and shaking. One guy fell to the ground, and it was amazing to see God literally do a work in their hearts at preaching of His message.

If I am invited to go again I will, and I will see God do greater things."
Later that day, Wesley spotted a cluster of Asian students. One was smoking a cigarette and after a brief discussion about taking good care of our bodies, it transitioned into a spiritual conversation. I was able to explain that sin is like smoking except that it kills the soul. The young man to my immediate left in the picture wound up responding to the gospel and inviting Christ into his life. His name was Denny! The Korean guy on my right was already a Christian and said he'd take Denny to his church. The other two guys listened politely to the gospel but chose not to respond. Wesley Hall is far left and Zack Surunis is far right in the picture.
Wesley Hall is a part of The Warehouse. It's a student church plant on the campus. Leo and his wife along with Wesley and Rachel oversee the ministry. They have a prayer house and a small gathering room on the third floor of the Methodist Church right on campus!
After ministry that day at USC, we went back to the Hall's home and enjoyed a nice time of fellowship and prayer. We played a board game, enjoyed good food, and rested.
The next morning (Tues) we ate a healthy and delicious breakfast before embarking to preach the gospel once again.

"Rachel and I are extremely grateful to have spent three days with you and the guys... The Lord poured out so much blessing and peace upon us while you three were with us. Thank you for giving so much!
When Zac and I first spoke on the phone, I was immediately impressed by the sense that God had orchestrated a divine appointment between us. As we prayed that God would manifest His glory and pour out His Spirit on the campus, the Lord began to remind me of his plans for awakening the colleges and universities of California with the power of the gospel. It was so exciting for me to be a part of what God is doing through Overflow ministries, and to be connected with someone who shares my heart for the spread of the gospel around the world. 
It was an incredible joy for me to co-labor on the campus with Zac and the team from the Bay. On our first day out, we were able to lead a student named Moises in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and even saw a student give his life to Christ! As we prayed over the campus, we experienced the powerful manifestation of the Presence of the Lord. I believe that our time on the campus together represented a small beginning to great things to come! Praise the Lord!
Love you Zac! I had a great time with you guys! Can't wait for round two."
Before we went out to minister, I felt we needed to do a prayer walk of the campus. So Aaron, Zack, Wesley and myself went around the school early in the morning and interceded for the campus. This picture shows a monument in the middle of a fountain. This is very prophetic. The monument forms the shape of a cross and has four branches or pillars. Each of them represents something significant. These are referred to as the four pillars of democracy. They are: HOME, CHURCH, SCHOOL, and COMMUNITY. We spent time interceding over each one of these items.
We all gathered together at the flag pole to worship God and begin reaching out to students. From the left: Zac Linton, Wesley Hall, Zack Surunis, Aaron Hong, and Michael Olson. Michael joined us from HROCK church. He is an amazing worshiper who helped us create an atmosphere of glory on the campus.
As we were worshiping, various students passed by. Some were not interested, some were. This young man in the picture was drawn in as we worshiped God and wanted to know what was going on. We approached him and Aaron began speaking to him in Mandarin. He was an international student and Wesley and Aaron got to share the gospel with him. Wesley invited him out to coffee and to get to know more about The Warehouse. He didn't come to Christ on the spot but was very open to hearing more about the gospel.
Another girl named Lulu and a friend were walking by. At first they said they didn't have time to stop and talk. They were in a hurry. But we convinced them to stay and listen to one worship song. The power of God came upon them and they wound up staying for close to half and hour while we shared about faith and worshiped. Lulu is also from China. We were able to give her a Bible and pray with her.
The guy in the middle is named Zack. So this is a rare picture with three Zacks in it! We had met him on Monday and asked if he'd like to come hear about the gospel. He said no. But then we ran into him again as we were worshiping near the flag pole and he stopped to talk with us for a few minutes. We told him about God's love and gave him Wesley's card in the event he ever wanted to talk to a campus pastor.

We had a number of other encounters that day sharing with students. One girl who was Jewish had a brace on her leg and had lots of pain. We got to pray for her leg. She said she felt momentary relief but then the pain came again. I saw that she started to cry when the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her but then she stifled it and seemed like she didn't want to let God in. When we tried to tell her more about Jesus, she got defensive and after a worship song decided to leave. Not every encounter goes perfectly and sometimes you just have to trust that you did your job by reaching out in Jesus' name.
I personally enjoyed visiting the school of cinematic arts. Many famous directors and actors have studied here. It's a cultural factory of ideas propagated through film and television.
What cinematic school would be complete without a coffee shop in it?

"This is my second missionary trip down to LA where I've brought a missions team. Summing up everything would take pages but here's a taste.

Firstly, it was a joy to have Aaron and Zack along. I was proud of the way they stepped out in faith to share the gospel or give a prophetic word. I intentionally stretched them beyond their comfort zones. The way they both served and helped when needed was a blessing for me to witness.

Meeting Wesley and Rachel and their son was a breath of fresh air. From worshiping, to playing games, to eating good food, you made us all feel so at home and loved.

Working with Michael Olson is always a plus. His help in setting up meetings at HROCK for us and in coming out to help us minister on campus were instrumental. (Literally and figuratively) Thank you also to Gabe Ahn for allowing us to come and minister to the young adults.

Learning about the spiritual history of the USC campus, seeing the cinematic school, and of course the students who responded as we reached out were all highlights. Also, the ministry at HROCK stood out to me as the Holy Spirit moved with great conviction upon hungry hearts. I even got to see a young man named Michael Chen who gave his life to Christ when I preached last time I was in LA! Hallelujah for fruit that remains!

I believe this is just the beginning of many trips to Los Angeles. I know God has a great plan of revival for California and I look forward to playing my part."
Later Tuesday night, I preached to the young adults at HROCK church. There were about 100 in attendance and the Holy Spirit began moving powerfully as I concluded my message. The young man on the left was one of those who responded to the Holy Spirit. I shared a message entitled: The Call of the Prophet. It was about the need in our day for voices to arise calling the church and society back to repentance and right standing with God.
After the service, we all went out together for dinner. From left, Zack S., me, Gabe Ahn, Michael Olson, Aaron H.
We had such a great time in LA! Thank you to the Halls, Michael Olson, and HROCK for your love and partnership. And thank you to Aaron Hong and Zack Surunis who formed my team. You were both such a blessing to have along.

I will be back again soon to keep sowing into revival in LA. Perhaps you'd like to come next time.
"Will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you?" Psalm 85:6

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