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WisdomWednesday 15
Tip: Be Grateful for the Chaos
In continuing the theme of November being National Gratitude Month, I am going to focus all the WisdomWednesday tips this month on different ways to bring gratitude not only into your life, but into your daily practice.

Years ago while teaching a Mindful Parenting class, one mom said to me, "I have a great mindfulness practice - I can be calm, present, have good focus and attention, be compassionate - right up until the moment the kids get in the car after school. As soon as I hear my kids bickering, the nonstop questions, then the chaos of dinner, bath and bedtime, my mindfulness practice goes right out the window."

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

You are not alone!

Here was my compassionate response to her: "I am going to assume that you became a parent by choice, knowing very well that it was going to be loud, messy, chaotic, frustrating, hard... And one day, your house is going to be very quiet. Your kids are only temporary in your home, so for right now, embrace the noise. Be grateful for the chaos, because one day it wont be there and you'll wonder where the time went and how it passed so quickly."

Not only that mother, but the other parents in the room, had tears in their eyes.

Yes, one day, all the chaos that is driving you nuts right now will be gone. It's all temporary, so take a deep breath, know that this too will pass, and try and stay present.

Remember, each moment of struggle offers you an opportunity to look for the gratitude.

Easier said than done, and that is why it's called a practice.

I'm grateful for you!!
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Joree Rose, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #93545 and founder of the Bay Area Mindfulness and Therapy Center, in Northern California. She is the creator of the JOURNEY FORWARD WITH JOREE ROSE podcast, offers online courses in mindfulness and meditation, and leads retreats around the world. She also has two mindfulness books for kids published, speaks locally and nationally, as well as does corporate trainings in mindfulness. At the root of all her work, Joree guides her clients to JOURNEY FORWARD,  which means getting unstuck from what’s not working in your life (habits, patterns, outdated stories you are living by, relationships or jobs that are no longer serving you) and gaining the tools, shifting your mindset and integrating science-backed frameworks that will lead to lasting change towards your authentic happiness, peace and joy. A big piece of my work is my story –I have Journeyed Forward, and I am a living example of the tools I teach, so I know that not only do the tools that I teach work, but that change and growth is possible. Happiness is attainable!
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