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Hi Friends and Happy 2020!!!

{Long message below...but if you're feeling like 2020 is going to be YOUR YEAR TO SHINE then keep reading!!}

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited about 2020!

It's off to a great start! I just got engaged to the love of my life, and one of the reasons I share this, is because I never thought I'd be this happy.

Well, let me clarify...I've been happy in the past, but I've never been this fulfilled. This content. This satisfied with exactly where I'm at.

And that's a new feeling for me. I used to have the mentality of "I'll be happy when..." and I could fill in that in blank in so many different ways.

But now...I'm happy now! And it's not just because I got engaged, it's because I had the courage to sit with myself during the times that I didn't feel content or happy, and was open to what I discovered about what I needed, and what changes were necessary for me to get there.

For some people, it is safer to keep moving at a fast past; it can be scary to slow down and discover that change may be necessary in order to be happy or get you to where you want or need to be.

But for me, I learned to allow change, and let it be something I was open to - even excited about - rather than something I deeply feared.

Once I accepted that change was possible, and necessary, I realized that I needed to find myself. I needed to...
  • figure out who I was, outside of my roles of wife and mother
  • look at my fears and anxieties that had such strong influence in my life and my decisions, and decide how to not give them the same level of power over me
  • break the habits and patterns that weren't serving me
  • learn how to breathe so I could calm my brain and my body
  • let go of the old stories that no longer defined me
  • be open to the unknown, rather than see the unknown as a big, black abyss of fear
  • slow down
  • stop being so stressed and anxious about the things I couldn't control (which is almost everything!)
  • discover what I really wanted my life to feel like, rather than just look like
And that was my journey...and it has led me here. And I've built my entire career around guiding others in how to go on that journey of self-discovery with courage, grace, and of course, with the tools on how.

If you are sitting there reading this and feel your heart bursting, your head nodding and your voice screaming "YES!" then stay tuned for what I'm going to be offering in 2020!

I will {finally!} launch an online mindfulness course (people have been asking me to do for YEARS!)

I will have a full library of meditations available to download.

I am going to be creating an exclusive JOURNEY FORWARD group that will give you direct access to monthly workshops, trainings, meditations, and more!

I will be doing more in-person workshops and creating more community-based gatherings.

Of course I've got my two retreats - The Ultimate Relationship retreat in Costa Rica, Sept. 12th - 19th, co-led with my fiance John, and my women's retreat at Miraval Tucson, Oct. 4-7th. Registration links are below - keep scrolling down! I'm confident that both will fill up, so be sure not to miss out!!

Oh, and lastly, I'm going to be offering very exclusive spots for coaching...I'm only going to take on 4 new coaching clients each quarter, so if you think you are ready for this, then click on this link to receive the application.

I can not wait for all that's in store! I know that the time is NOW. There is no better time to create the change, to become the YOU your soul is craving, and learn how to find the joy and happiness amidst all the chaos that life has to offer.

I can't wait to Journey Forward with you!
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Sept. 12-19, 2020

This retreat is right for you if are ready to bring your relationship to the next level!!
OMG, YES! MY PARTNER AND I ARE READY!!!! Click here to read all the info and to secure your spot
Journey Forward to Radical Acceptance
Oct. 4-7, 2020

A life-changing retreat for women
YES!! I CAN'T WAIT TO JOIN YOU AT MIRAVAL!! Click here to read all the info and to secure your spot!
Check out all the workshops offered at
The Bay Area Mindfulness & Therapy Center
  • Weekly meditations - Wednesdays, 12:15-1pm.
  • Rediscover the REAL You; A conversation for Women - Tuesday Jan. 14, 7pm
  • The Ultimate Relationship Workshop - Tuesday Jan. 21, 7pm
REGISTRATION REQUIRED FOR ALL WORKSHOPS. Click here to read more info and to hold your spot - space is limited.

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Joree Rose, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #93545 and founder of the Bay Area Mindfulness and Therapy Center, in Northern California. She is the creator of the JOURNEY FORWARD WITH JOREE ROSE podcast, offers online courses in mindfulness and meditation, and leads retreats around the world. She also has two mindfulness books for kids published, speaks locally and nationally, as well as does corporate trainings in mindfulness. At the root of all her work, Joree guides her clients to JOURNEY FORWARD,  which means getting unstuck from what’s not working in your life (habits, patterns, outdated stories you are living by, relationships or jobs that are no longer serving you) and gaining the tools, shifting your mindset and integrating science-backed frameworks that will lead to lasting change towards your authentic happiness, peace and joy. A big piece of my work is my story –I have Journeyed Forward, and I am a living example of the tools I teach, so I know that not only do the tools that I teach work, but that change and growth is possible. Happiness is attainable!
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