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So as I know you've heard me share about, John and I just launched our free online summit, Surviving to Thriving, how to grow through adversity during the pandemic.

I'd love for you to register and join the hundreds of people who've already signed up, but if you just want the CliffsNotes version, here are 26 expert tips on how get through the challenges we are facing.

(Oh and by the way, the tools below aren't pandemic-specific tools; if you want their expert advice for the pandemic, register here for the free summit - videos are available for 30 days so you have plenty of time to watch and learn!)

1. Demonstrate daily gratitude for your partner; appreciate the things that are their “job” (Oh, and I go into depth on this topic on this week's here to listen to the 20-min episode.)

2. Be willing to have difficult conversations in your business and/or personal relationships

3. Learn how to be more mindful (slow down, paying attention, being compassionately present) so you stop missing your life

4. Know that uncertainty and challenge are precursors to hope

5. Connecting with, and expressing gratitude for, the people in your community — the grocery store workers, mail delivery, doctors/nurses — is a way that we can heal America

6. You can prevent bad moments from turning into a bad day or bad life

7. We are stronger when we realize that we’re all in this together

8. Establishing new rituals with your children (like late-night talks) can break old paradigms for parents and kids

9. Blessing your bills (being grateful for the opportunity to send the bill, and what the service has provided you) sends out positive vibes and can shift your relationship to your money

10. Only you can turn down the volume on your own anger

11. Movement shifts mood, and energy moves emotion…so get up! Walk, dance, wiggle, do yoga…don’t just sit there

12. Taking a break from porn can reset your brain and sex drive

13. Take a self-compassion break and give yourself a hug, or a neck massage; you need it!

14. Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back; it’s bouncing forward

15. Be willing to do the work to become the person you want to be

16. Get comfortable in the discomfort of uncertainty

17. The skills for a healthy relationship are not necessarily innate; they are learned

18. Greater purpose leads to greater happiness, life-satisfaction, and productivity

19. Trauma is defined as by a dysregulation in your nervous system; it doesn’t have to be life-threatening for it to be threatening to your daily life

20. Be willing to ask your partner if they are available to meet your sexual desires without judgment

21. Parents who practice self-care role model to their kids the importance of self-care

22. Clarity of your values leads to goals and your success

23. You only stress about the things that you care about

24. Masturbation is a great practice during the pandemic to offer yourself some alone time and space (even if you’re married)

25. Overcoming fear of failure will allow you to launch in life

26. Be the CEO of your own life and live the values you seek to demonstrate in your leadership

I'd love to know which of these most resonated with you! Respond to this email and let me know.

Big Hugs and Be Well!! (Oh man, I miss hugging people!!)

Here is a weekly schedule of all the tools I'm offering in my Journey Forward Facebook group
(all times are PST)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:
8:45am - 5 min. morning meditation
6:00pm - mindfulness teachings

Wednesday & Sunday:
12:30pm - extended 30-min. meditation

11:00am - Live Q & A on how to manage through stress,
anxiety and uncertainty

And please - invite anyone else into the group that you think would benefit from these tools and community. Click here to join group

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