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Happy Monday!

November is National Gratitude Month as well as National Entrepreneurship Month (along with many other national holidays that are celebrated) but these two are really representing where I am at right now :)

I've been working really hard behind the scenes to build up more exposure in the media and it has paid off!!! Yesterday I was on live TV on KTLA in Los Angeles, where I spoke about what I'm calling "disaster anxiety" in relation to how to talk to kids about the recent wildfires all over California. And...these tools can apply to any situation or setting - not just related to disasters. It's all about compassionate communication.

Want to watch my full segment? Watch it here!

This was my first time on TV, let alone on live TV, and I have to say...I was super proud of the tools I was able to impart to hundreds of thousands of people!! I talked about:
  • Disaster anxiety is the very real feeling we get in our body, and the thoughts that run through our head when we know of a disaster occurring, even if it's not super nearby. It's the physiological response such as the racing heart, pit in the stomach, tightness in the body, the racing thoughts of "what if..."
  • The ways to calm this down is to #1: Breathe - it will calm the brain, and calm the body. And #2: Name what is arising - when you name what you are experiencing, it actually quiets our emotional reaction to it. Truth! Science backs this up!
  • The most important piece I covered: Don't say "don't worry" or "calm down" to your kids. The last thing they'll do is to actually calm down or not worry...rather, you should honor what they are feeling, normalize it, comfort them, and then be able to reality check the fears and concerns and figure out if you need to make a plan.
  • Parents should not limit exposure to the news because hiding them from it does not teach them how to be resilient with tools to get through it. Even if they're not seeing it in your home, I guarantee they'll know about it from elsewhere. Access to social media is everywhere, so don't try to shield them; guide them.
I hope you found these tips helpful!! I'd love to hear feedback. In fact, I delve further into this topic in this week's Journey Forward with Joree Rose podcast - check that episode out here.

Big Hugs and Deep Gratitude for being part of my path; I'm grateful to be part of yours!

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