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Happy Monday!

So I wanted to share that in a few days, I'm getting really far out of my comfort zone. Seriously - I am going so far out of my comfort zone that I can't even believe what I'm doing. My youngest daughter and I are embarking on a journey that I never in a million years could have ever dreamed I would ever do, because the "old me" lived out of fear and anxiety.

But I don't anymore. I'm no longer ruled by my thoughts and no longer fear the "what-if's" and the unknowns.

That's not to say those "what-if's?" and fears don't come up (I am still human after all!) - I simply have learned to just not dwell in them. Or believe them. Or let the define me.

I've learned to notice them. Observe them. Create space between me and those pesky, uninvited thoughts. And choose a different response to them - one that is more mindful, intentional and in alignment with my values. If it doesn't serve me, I've learned it does not reserve residence in my mind or body.

I call this process the ABC's of mindfulness

1. A = Awareness - You can't change what you're not aware of - Oh, and it's got to be awareness with self-compassion; awareness with judgment just puts you right back into the cycle of reactivity.

2. B = Breath - You've got to breathe - it will calm your brain and calm your body, allowing you to get out of your head and into your body, into the present moment and in tuned into your intentions.

3. C = Choice - Now that you've observed what's arising, calmed your brain and your body, you have a choice - you can go back to your old habits and patterns that no longer served you, or you can choose to get out of the spiral of reactivity and use your tools to step you towards new, healthier habits.

It's not easy, but it is possible! If I can do it - anyone can.

Oh, and you want to know where I'm going?? My daughter and I will be deep in the heart of the Amazon, on a cultural immersion trip, in a small village literally in the middle of nowhere. We will be volunteering in building (not sure what's being built right now, either a school or health care facility) but mostly delving into cultural immersion: night hikes in the Amazon, chocolate making from the cacao bean, a night with a Shaman, sitting with the women who make the jewelry for export, as well as a cooking class and Spanish lesson. I can't wait to share more when I get back!

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Thank you all for being a part of my journey thus far, I look forward to the Journey Forward with you!!!
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