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WisdomWednesday 02
Tip: Wait to Worry

Years ago, while going through a tough period in my life, I was searching for the tools to give me the guidance to move forward not only with peace, but with the knowledge that I was on the right path. This is when I delved into mindfulness practice and learned to slow down, breathe, get out of my head and into my body and the present moment.

Along this journey I ordered a lot of books off Amazon, and one night, after a particularly hard week, I took one of these brand new books that I had ordered and sat in the lobby of my gym to read it.

The book was called Mindful Eating, and as I opened the book I saw that though the spine had no cracks in it, it was not in fact brand new, and what I saw where hand-written words in pencil that shocked me so much to my core, I even began to look around me, as if I expected the Universe to show me other signs that maybe this wasn't real. Here's what it said:

Wait to worry
Live in the present

I then looked through the rest of the book to see what other divine messages where in there. I saw:

Mindfulness = being in the present?

And, a whole lot of "I love you" hot pink roller stamp lines strewn across many pages.

(I really can't make this shit up - this really happened!)

And this was at a time in my life where I didn't know my direction, and was open to signs of the Universe to help nudge me on my way, this became a mantra that I still even today come back to.

When your mind starts the familiar - yet frustrating - habit of asking "What-if...?" remind yourself of this mantra.

I promise, it works!

WisdomWednesday 08
Tip: Draw Healthy Boundaries

This one seems so obvious: Draw healthy boundaries with the [difficult] people in your life.

It's so much easier said than done.

And when you don't draw healthy boundaries, it's often because you're afraid of either hurting the other person's feelings, or you don't know how to communicate your needs effectively. But then what ends up happening?

You're the one who continues to suffer. And being around toxic people, or having unhealthy patterns is not good for your self-care.

I know it's hard. Sometimes it feels impossible. But I'm here to hold the space that it is necessary for your mental and emotional health to know your needs, and unapologetically name your needs. And if they aren't heard, and your boundary isn't respected, I give you permission to self-protect to create space for you to exhale.

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Joree Rose, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #93545 and founder of the Bay Area Mindfulness and Therapy Center, in Northern California. She is the creator of the JOURNEY FORWARD WITH JOREE ROSE podcast, offers online courses in mindfulness and meditation, and leads retreats around the world. She also has two mindfulness books for kids published, speaks locally and nationally, as well as does corporate trainings in mindfulness. At the root of all her work, Joree guides her clients to JOURNEY FORWARD,  which means getting unstuck from what’s not working in your life (habits, patterns, outdated stories you are living by, relationships or jobs that are no longer serving you) and gaining the tools, shifting your mindset and integrating science-backed frameworks that will lead to lasting change towards your authentic happiness, peace and joy. A big piece of my work is my story –I have Journeyed Forward, and I am a living example of the tools I teach, so I know that not only do the tools that I teach work, but that change and growth is possible. Happiness is attainable!
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