Attn: Pharmacy Owners and Pharmacists-in-Charge: Flu Vaccination Program Start Date

Flu Vaccination Program Start Date
The Department of Health and Community Services has advised that the provincial 2020-21 Influenza Vaccination Program start date is October 21, 2020.
Pharmacies may start earlier if influenza vaccine is received from the RHAs, which could be the week prior (Oct 13th). 

Information Package
The department advises an information package and FAQs will be provided to all health care providers in the coming days. Included will be vaccine ordering forms, details on acquiring government-supplied PPE, consent forms, etc. Please note that pharmacies may opt to use their own consent forms as opposed to the government provided forms.
Off-Site Clinics
Pharmacies may offer off-site vaccination clinics as long as they are within public health guidelines related to COVID-19.
Post Vaccination Wait Times

Pharmacies may follow updated NCAI guidance related to wait times:
  • Maintain 15 minutes post vaccination observation period (30 minutes if specific concerns re: vaccine allergy)
  • Shorter observation period (5-15 minutes) only when distancing in post vaccination areas cannot otherwise be maintained (discretionary recommendation)
    1. This is secondary to insufficient evidence to support a standardized reduced post vaccination observation period
    2. This shorter period to be considered only if recipient meets criteria specified in the attachment (e.g. no h/o allergy, post vaccine reaction, accompanied by a chaperone to monitor etc)
PANL will continue to provide updates as we have them. Please be sure to check our Influenza Vaccination Resources page for updates as well

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