New sustainability videos

Be inspired!

Six new sustainability videos to get your year off to a flying start.

See how Ikea and Unilever are blazing the sustainability trail, how third-world ingenuity is bringing in the light, how drones are tracking poachers, how a new global movement is using business as a force for good, and how we could shift our emphasis from an "ability to sustain" to an "ability to thrive".

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Profit's not always the point

(7:50 mins)
Unilever's Chief Operating Officer believes that value, purpose and sustainability are essential aspects for a modern business. Doing well by doing good.

B the change

(1:56 mins)
B Corp businesses are part of a global movement to use business as a force for good. There are 922 B Corporations in 22 countries.

How to move from a global suicide pact to a thriving economy?

(17:53 mins)
When less bad is not good enough, and why we need to shift our emphasis from an "ability to sustain" to an "ability to thrive".

How plastic bottles can lighten up the darkness

(3:15 mins)
An ingenious way to bring natural light into darkened homes.

A drone's-eye view of conservation

(13:31 mins)
Using drones to protect the world's forests and wildlife - tracking animals in their natural habitat, monitoring the health of rainforests and using thermal imaging to find poachers.

Let's go all-in on selling sustainability

(13:18 mins)
Steve Howard at Ikea believes sustainability in business has gone from something nice to do, to a must-do.