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Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks Madeeha for writing this. I had goose bumps reading it. But...

Startups commoditise experience. Savaree is not there as yet. They are slowly building a community but commoditising experience goes way beyond then that. If Savaree was up against say a Rocket Internet company, I would have totally backed Madeeha's decision. Rocket Internet startups, despite having lots of money, fail on experience. They become incumbent once market is open. Uber is no incumbent.

Secondly, in Pakistan, distribution is still a thing. Actually, its the main thing. People are not experience buyers. While they might appreciate you they don't necessarily buy you for that. Why? Because they are not used to it. Hence most businesses are competing on distribution and that's exactly the reason why startups are having tough time. To open up the market startup needs to be a force in itself first. 

I am a believer of “strong opinions weakly held” and I would be more than happy to be proven wrong here. But I think Savaree should aim for acquisition. It makes perfect sense in every sense of the world and not just because what's on the surface. Madeeha's experience could be very handy for Uber in particular and overall market in general. —

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Wish you a very productive day and week ahead. Any suggestions, stories that you want me to share or feedback for Startup92 - I would love them all.

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