Service Outline for March 12
PIE Sunday
In-person or Online Worship
We are open for in-person worship in our location at 6025 Stanley Street
and hope to see you there.

To participate online, on Sunday morning, just click HERE, and it will take
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Service Outline for Sunday, March 12 10:30 AM
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Prelude, “Only in Thee, Lord Jesus Christ” (Johann Pachelbel)

Welcome and Announcements,
     Acknowledgement of the Land

Gathering Song, "Show Us How To Love" 
          Hearts open, mind’s awake, save us now for heaven’s sake,
          Leave us not alone in hatred’s wake. 
          Show us how to love, show us how to love,

          show us how, show us how to love.
          Eyes open, shocked awake, much to learn from our mistakes,
          Draw us closer in our heartache. 
          Show us how to love, show us how to love,

          show us how, show us how to love.
Lighting the Candles and Placing the Bible

Opening Hymn, “God Of Many Faces” 
          1. God of many faces, we offer our praise
              Singing your glory through all of our days
              Hear ever growing voices, once fragile, now strong
              Carrying melodies in expansive new songs.    

         2.  God of many genders, our world reflects you
              Sunrise and sunset uniting our hues
              Woven into a city with jewels of all shades
              Houses of ruby and walls rowed with jade.

          3. God of many names, we invite you to show us
              the new names that reflect our true souls    
              Breathe with your Holy Spirit to give us the Word 
              That will indwell dry bones, granting new life once heard.

          4. God of many bodies, abide within ours
              Shifting more each day through time and through scars.
              Come sanctify our bodies, all fashioned by you
              Holier every day, still becoming more true.

The Passing of the Peace
      One: The Peace of Christ be with you all.
      All:    And also with you!

MV #173: "Put Peace Into Each Other’s Hands"
            Put peace into each other’s hands
                   and like a treasure hold it,
                 protect it like a candle flame,
                    with tenderness enfold it.

Words of Freedom
All:  We open our hearts, our minds, our souls, our vision to the ways of
 created by God, embodied in Jesus, and already moving in us
        by the Spirit.  
We are loved!  Amen!

Sung Response, MV #104: “Know That God Is Good” (vs 1-3)
          1.  Mungu ni mwema, (3x)
               Ni mwema, ni mwema.

          2.  Know that God is good (3x)
               God is good, God is good.

          3.  C’est vrai, dieu est bon! (3x)
               Dieu est bon! Dieu est bon!

Opening Prayer

Time With All Ages: 
A King Planned A Party” (C. Gillette), by the Kidz Choir.
                            Soloists Kieran Rainey, Ria and Aubrey Harvie.

Song of Preparation, MV #81:  "Love Us Into Fullness" (vs 1)
               Love us into fullness, touch us with your grace;
               Jesus, in your mercy, draw us to your face.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 22:1-14 (Parable of the wedding banquet)
     One: Listen to what the Spirit is saying.
     All:   Thanks be to God!

Sung Response, MV #81:  "Love Us Into Fullness" (vs 2)
               Love us into fullness, us in your care,
               cheer us with your presence here and everywhere.


Anthem, “Lord Who Throughout These Forty Days” (D. Mengal)

Centering Song: "In the Sound and in the Silence" (Nancy Nelson)
                In the sound and in the silence,
                 may Holy Wisdom draw near.
          Let us feel the power of hearts and minds
                that are joined in Thanksgiving
                    and praising and longing
                and hoping for Love to appear.

Prayers of the Community and the Lord's Prayer (Nancy Nelson)

Prayer Response, MV #68:  "Kyrie Eleison"

                      Kyrie eleison (4x)

Responsive Hymn, “As Colours In The Sky”
          1.  As colours in the sky, we move and blend in love,
               a touch of this, a mix, a match,
               as gifts from heaven above.
               Our genders may seem fixed
               but even these may change
               As we find beauty in between
               that may at first seem strange.
          2.  Our bodies may not match the way we feel inside,
               But we can change, transform, and find

               your love still deep and wide.
               So if we break the mold

               traditions put in place,
               Let us with courage live our lives

               with kindness, love and grace.

Creating God, you dance, you move as one in three.
               Come show us, by your rainbow light,

               our shared humanity.
               The heavens and the earth

               are made new everyday,
               Help us discover by your grace,

               new truth, new life, new ways.    
  Invitation to the Offering,
              Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
                Praise God, all creatures high and low;
              Give thanks to God in love made known:
                      Creator, Word and Spirit One.

We Bless our Offerings 
       May the gifts we present here today help move forward your realm
      where your unconditional love is shared by all, just the way you
      created us.

Sending Hymn, MV #87: “Water Flowing From the Mountain”  
          1.  Water flowing from the mountains.
               Water flowing o’er the earth.
               Water comes to us, so precious.
               Living water gives us birth

               Refrain: Drink deep this source of life.
                            Drink deep and know.
                            For living water sings,
                            And living water brings the love
                            that makes our spirit grow.

          2Water rushing down the rivers.
               Water rushing to the sea.
               Water comes to us, so precious.
               Living water makes us free.

          3.  Water springing from the dry place.
               Water springing in the sun.
               Water comes to us, so precious.
               Living water for each one.

Sending and Closing Blessing 
One:  Go forth into the world, looking for love in all the right places!
All:    We will look for signs of The Thirst-Quencher,
          and we will pour out the life-giving water of love
          along with a welcoming slice of PIE wherever we go

Choral Blessing
           The peace of the earth be with you,
           The peace of the heavens too;
           The peace of the rivers be with you,
           The peace of the oceans too.
           Deep peace falling over you,
           God’s peace growing in you.

Quote of the week:

This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort
to be less horrible to one another."

~ Elliot Page, Nova Scotian actor and LGBTQ+ activist (1987 - )
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