Service Outline for November 13
Pentecost 23
In-person or Online Worship
We are open for in-person worship in our location at 6025 Stanley Street
and hope to see you there.

To participate online, on Sunday morning, just click HERE, and it will take
you directly to the live-stream on our YouTube channel - no account or log-in required.  

You can also watch a recording on  Facebook, available by
Sunday mid-afternoon.
Service Outline for Sunday, November 13, 10:30 AM
Below you'll find the service outline. You can also view and print it as a
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Prelude, "Prelude in C" from The Well-Tempered Clavichord (Bach)

Welcome and Announcements,
     Acknowledgement of the Land
Gathering Song, “Gentle Spirit” (Nancy Nelson)
     Gentle spirit, move among us as we gather here today.
     May we feel you as the strength and tie that binds
     Our souls in love and unity to share the common will.
     Open arms. Open hearts. Open minds.

Lighting the Candles and Placing the Bible

Opening Hymn, VU #223: “Eternal, Unchanging, We Sing"
          1.  Eternal, Unchanging, we sing to your praise:
               your mercies are endless, and righteous your ways;
               your servants proclaim the renown of your name
               who rules over all and is ever the same.

          2.  Again we rejoice in the world you have made,
               your mighty creation in beauty arrayed,
               we thank you for life, and we praise you for joy,  
               for love and for hope that no power can destroy.

          3.  We praise you for Jesus, our Master and Lord,
               the might of his Spirit, the truth of his word,
               his comfort in sorrow, his patience in pain,
               the faith sure and steadfast that Jesus shall reign.

The Passing of the Peace, MV #173: “Put Peace Into Each Other’s Hands"
Put peace into each other’s hands
and like a treasure hold it,
protect it like a candle flame,
with tenderness enfold it.

Opening Prayer
Time With All Ages  

Scripture Reading: Micah 5:2-5a and 6:6-8
                                 (God promises a shepherd-ruler for Israel)

          One: Listen to what the Spirit is saying.
          All:   Thanks be to God! 


Centering Song:  "In the Sound and in the Silence" (Nancy Nelson)
In the sound and in the silence...
may Holy Wisdom draw near.
Let us feel the power of hearts and minds
that are joined in Thanksgiving
and praising and longing and hoping
for Love to appear.

Prayers of the Community and the Lord's Prayer (sung)

Responsive Hymn, “Help Us Accept Each Other" (F. Kaan, D. Potter)
          1. Help us accept each other as Christ accepted us,
              teach us as sister, brother,
              each person to embrace.
              Be present, God, among us and bring us to believe
              we are ourselves accepted and meant to love and live.

          2. Teach us, O God, your lessons, as in our daily life
              we struggle to be human
              and search for hope and faith.
              Teach us to care for people, for all-not just for some;
              To love them as we find them or as they may become.

          3. Let your acceptance change us,
              so that we may be moved
              in living situations to do the truth in love;
             To practice your acceptance until we know by heart
             the table of forgiveness and laughter’s healing art.

          4. Lord, for today’s encounters with all who are in need,,
              Who hunger for acceptance,
              for righteousness and bread,
              We need new eyes for seeing, new hands for holding on:
             Renew us with your Spirit; come, free us, make us one.

Invitation to the Offering,
              Praise God from whom all blessings flow;
              Praise God, all creatures high and low;
              Give thanks to God in love made known:
              Creator, Word and Spirit One.

We Bless our Offerings    

        Justice... Love... Kindness... Humility... May what we offer here today
 these for all. Bless those who receive and those who give
        these gifts, God.  That is all we need to pray for. Amen.

Sending Hymn, MV #154:  “Deep In Our Hearts 
          1.  Deep in our hearts there is a common vision;
               deep in our hearts there is a common song;
               deep in our hearts there is a common story,
               telling Creation that we are one.

          2.  Deep in our hearts there is a common purpose;
               deep in our hearts there is a common goal;
               deep in our hearts there is a sacred message,
               justice and peace in harmony.

          3.  Deep in our hearts there is a common longing;
               deep in our hearts there is a common theme;
               deep in our hearts there is a common current,
               flowing to freedom like a stream.
          4.  Deep in our hearts there is a common vision;
               deep in our hearts there is a common song;
               deep in our hearts there is a common story,
               telling Creation that we are one.

Sending and Closing Blessing 
One:  May you go out with Christ’s peace and share it with all you meet.
          On the road in between, may you find what fills your heart,
          feeds your mind and fires your imagination.
          Go in peace and may you come back in joy.

All:    Amen!
Choral Blessing
         The peace of the earth be with you,
         The peace of the heavens too;
         The peace of the rivers be with you,
         the peace of the oceans too.
         Deep peace falling over you,
         God's peace growing in you. 

         Quote of the week:
“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled
with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare,
social justice can never be obtained...
  ~ Helen Keller, author, political activist (1880 -1968)
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